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Protection of Personal Information under El Lexhatx - Title D, Section 8

Note Sec/Sub Text
8.4. Data Protection
Definition 8.4.1. Personal information such as, but not limited to, private mailing addresses, contact telephone numbers and private email addresses, given names, ages, date of births and national security numbers shall be held on file and shall only be accessed by the Secretary of State or The King without prior permission of the person to whom the information relates to. In all other instances permission must be obtained by the person to whom the personal information relates to.
Limits on use 8.4.2. The type of information and records described in D.10.4.1. above shall never be passed on to outside agencies for the purposes of data farming or market research. The details may be passed onto non-Talossan law enforcement agencies in the interest of international law enforcement and co-operation.
No WWW 8.4.3. Personal Information described in clause 1 above shall never be published on any public website belonging to the Kingdom as an asset.
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