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Protection for Prospective Citizens in Immigration under El Lexhatx - Title E, Section 11

Note Sec/Sub Text
Name & general locale only 11. The Immigration Ministry shall not publicly reveal any data regarding prospectives other than their name and general locale, unless authorised by the prospective to do so. (32RZ24)
Contact info protected 11.1. A prospective's contact information such as telephone, address, email, AIM, ICQ, et cetera, shall be provided by the Minister of Immigration only to the King, the Secretary of State, and the Cort, as needed. Any other requests from Talossan citizens for such data will be passed along to the prospective for his or her consideration by the Ministry of Immigration.
Collection by Minister 11.2. The Deputy Minister of Immigration shall continue to receive, by reason of the nature of his position, copies of all data pertaining to prospectives, including any email not specifically intended by the prospective to be private.
Penalty for violation 11.3. Any official in the Ministry of Immigration who has been found by the Cort to have violated these conditions shall be summarily removed from that office by the Cort.
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