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Burden of Proof and Denial of Government Records under El Lexhatx - Title D, Section 8

The government of the Kingdom of Talossa has the duty and responsibility to make public information about and held by the government's cabinet ministries and sub offices within the guidelines set below:

Note Sec/Sub Text
8.3. Burden of Proof
Disclose by default 8.3.1. The burden of proof falls on the body that has been asked to disclose any and all requested information. The requester of the information does not have an obligation to provide an explanation for their request.
No denial without reason 8.3.2. If a request for information is denied by the body then an explanation as to why the request has been denied must be given.
Cort action 8.3.3. If a body fails to disclose requested information without a valid reason then the uppermost cort, or any other cort as set up by the Ziu, will reserve the right to force the body to disclose.
Arbitration 8.3.4. The Corts will also arbitrate cases in which a requester feels a given reason was not sufficient enough to deny the request.
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