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Access to Government Records under El Lexhatx - Title D, Section 8

Note Sec/Sub Text
Public information 8. The government of the Kingdom of Talossa has the duty and responsibility to make public information about and held by the government's cabinet ministries and sub offices within the guidelines set below: (40RZ9)
Access 8.1. Information Available for Request
Format of records 8.1.1. A citizen may only request access to information that has been recorded on paper, computer file, video file and/or audio file. Unrecorded opinion does not fall within the scope of this legislation.
Executive & Cabinet 8.1.2. A citizen may request information regarding the business of the government's executive offices and the government's cabinet ministries so long as the information being requested does not conflict with D.10.2 or D.10.3.
By parties 8.1.3. Leaders of political parties may access some personal contact details as set out in D.10.5.
Exemptions 8.2. Information Exempt from Request
8.2.1. The type of information not available for access is outlined as follows:
Personal nature Records that are of a personal nature where the disclosure of such records would clearly infringe a citizen's individual privacy in accordance with the Sixth Covenant of Article XIX (Covenant of Rights and Freedoms) of the 1997 Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa. This also includes private medical, counseling, or psychological records.
Law & military Records of a law enforcement or military agency only when the records meet one or more of the following criteria:
Informants The records would identify informants or witnesses,
Undercover The records would identify undercover officers,
Personal information The records would provide personal information of officers or officer's family members,
Strategic The records would provide details of current operations or protocol. This includes details of communication codes and plans of deployment.
Safety The records would endanger the life or safety of officers or officer's families if the information was disclosed.
Investigation The records are of an ongoing investigation.
Privileged Records that fall within the scope of medical practitioner - patient privilege, attorney - client privilege, religious figure privilege, or any and all current and future privilege recognized by Statutory Law, Organic Law or Cort Rule.
Security Records of security measures and records that would hinder the body's ability to maintain the physical security of custodial or penal institutions occupied by persons arrested or convicted of a crime or admitted because of a mental disability.
Conversation Conversation logs that may be regarded as private may also be excluded from the scope of this legislation.
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