Uppermost Cort Rules Exodees Can’t Be Tried

Florencia (EB) - The Uppermost Cort ruled yesterday that the 10 exodees of June 1 cannot be tried for treason under Talossan law.

With Attorney General Ben Madison out of the country on holiday, Prime Minister Quedéir Castiglhâ appointed Marc Moisan as Special Counsel to determine the legal issues involved with the exodees seceding to set up their own state. After review, Mr. Moisan decided to charge the exodees with treason under the Dual Citizenships Act. Mr. Moisan confirmed with Secretary of State Martì Páir Furxhéir that the exodees had not in fact renounced their citizenship before issuing their proclamation of independence from the Kingdom.

"I'm assuming that Mr. Moisan used that Act because it was explicit, whereas while the Organic Law states the legal procedure involved, it doesn't specify any penalty," said PM Castiglhâ.

After reviewing Mr. Moisan's indictment, Justices Oplinger and Jahn made their statements. "I'm not comfortable with your premise here," said Justice Oplinger. "As far as I can tell, these individuals are not claiming dual citizenship, they have renounced their Talossan citizenship all together." Justice Oplinger further stated he saw no violation on the grounds that Mr. Moisan outlined, and declared the indictment inorganic. Justice Jahn further stated that since the individuals were no longer citizens, they were beyond the jurisdiction of the Cort.

"I thought we had a case, but the Cort thought otherwise," said PM Castiglhâ. "We of course respect their opinion, and we will move on."

With the hearing over, Mr. Moisan resigned as Special Counsel, saying his job was done. The PM had this to say: "I thank Marc for his hard work. He has quickly established himself as a Talossan legal expert, and is to be commended for it."

Lorentz Takes Command In M-M

Florencia (EB) - Dan Lorentz agreed today to assume the Governorship of Maritiimi-Maxhestic province until a permanent replacement can be elected.

"While Dan isn't keen on staying in this position for long, I applaud his willingness to step in at this point," said Prime Minister Quedéir Castiglhâ.

Several other provincial leadership positions were also vacated recently. Only two provinces currently field Senators: Martì Páir Furxhéir in Ataturk and Amy Durnford in Vuode. Both of these provinces are currently without Governors, M-M has no Senator, and Cezembre, Florencia, Maricopa and Mussolini are devoid of any leadership whatsoever.

"Regent Hamilton and I have asked a few others if they would like to temporarily govern their provinces," said the PM. "I myself will be in charge of Cezembre and Mussolini on an interim basis until elections can be held."

According to the Organic Law of the Kingdom, the Senate seats currently vacant must be filled by an election run by the Secretary of State. PM Castiglhâ said, "The SoS is currently quite busy with other things, so as soon as he has time then we will get the Senate elections started."

Prime Minister Injured In Bicycle Accident

Florencia (EB) - After returning home from visiting his wife's family in Oklahoma, the Prime Minister injured himself while riding his bicycle the evening of June 1.

"My wife and I had gotten home from visiting her parents in Enid, and after we'd unloaded the car we hopped on our bikes to get some onions from her grandmother, who lives across town," said PM Quedéir Castiglhâ. "The sun had set by the time we left for home, and the streets we were on weren't well lit. When we got to Main Street, I stopped abruptly and fell off my bike."

Fortunately for the PM, his wife is a registered nurse who works at the local hospital. "She patched me up pretty good when we got home," said Castiglhâ. "I've got some nice road rash on my hands and a big scrape on my right knee, but fortunately it hasn't been a problem."

New Wittenberg Will Restore Kingdom’s Communication

Florencia (EB) - On June 1, several Talossan citizens found that they no longer had access to Wittenberg. The administrators of Witt had taken the forum with them when they left the Kingdom.

"I was shocked and disappointed," said Prime Minister Quedéir Castiglhâ. "Witt was yanked out right from under our noses. It has been somewhat of an inconvenience, although it has not stopped us from keeping lines of communication open between citizens."

Prospective citizen Ián Tamorán quickly made plans for setting up a new message board for the Kingdom, while Pete Hottelet set up a board for use on a temporary basis.

"I thank both of these gentlemen for their vigilance," said the PM. "We are all grateful for their dedication to the Kingdom."

The temporary Wittenberg can be found here.

Speech to the Nation

Florencia (EB) - Prime Minister Quedéir Castiglhâ issued the following Speech to the Nation yesterday:

Azul, fellow Talossans.

While preparations are being made for getting easy mass communication back on track, I'd like to say a few things that I hope you'll not only listen to, but follow.

Some of you were around the last time a group broke off to form their own micronation; many were not. While I was not a citizen yet, I was following events very closely. We as a nation need to understand something: We must move on. We absolutely cannot dwell on what has happened. We cannot allow this to consume us like it did the last time, no matter your level of involvement.

The government is operating with the attitude, "Thanks for playing." What this means is, they're out of the game. No longer our concern. We don't need to waste mental energy thinking about what they're doing and who they're doing it with. They're not coming back. Our concern is with the KINGDOM of Talossa, and we need to take what energy we have left after Real Life and our other hobbies to work on making our nationette better. Laws, language, that sort of thing.

If we spend time focusing on them, that hurts US. That gives their project legitimacy in the eyes of others as well. The Uppermost Cort has ruled that they are no longer citizens. We need to spend our efforts on what we have control over. We need to forget about them. I realize that some of us have pals or friends who were involved. You don't need to give up your friendship with them. But what we do is none of their business, and what they do is none of ours. If they want to talk bad about us, then let them. We will not reciprocate. We will be better than that. We will not let it weaken us by being angry about it, or spending a lot of time talking about it. We will use this event to become stronger as a people and a nation.

Long live the Kingdom of Talossa!

Quedéir Castiglhâ
Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán

"I can't say it enough," stated the PM. "They're gone, and there's nothing we can do about it, nor is there anything we should do about it except move forward. We've got things we need to do with a new legislative session coming up, so the government's time is better spent getting ready for that. There's plenty for the citizenry to do as well, and that's just what we'll be doing."


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