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So let’s have a look at the elections.

Fellow readers,
today, March 27th, it's the twelvth day of elections. Let's see how things are going.

So far, 82 people out of 184 have voted.
The monarchist RUMP is leading the election, with 33 (44,00%) votes.  There are, anyway, a lot of RUMPers that haven't voted yet.
The second place is held by the ZRT, with 13 (17,33%) votes.
Third is the CSPP, with 9 (12,00%) votes. Just one vote less, the MRPT is fourth, with 8 (10,67%). Fifth, the NPW, with six (8,00%) votes. Four votes, and the sixth place, for the IND (5,33%); seventh and last, the LPR, with two votes (2,67%).

Seven people chosen to not cast their vote, voting PRESENT.
The turnout is 44,57%.

Four provinces out of eight are voting to elect a new Senator.
The ZRTer Öin Ursüm is leading with seven votes out of thirteen; while the RUMPer Bradley Holmes has received six. Eleven votes still to be cast.
Initially the sole candidate, Glüc da Dhi (MRPT) is leading with five votes out of six cast over the RUMPer write-in Ian da Bitour. Da Bitour announced his candidacy after the beginning of the election, with a short post on Cézembre's board.
Audrada d'Auribuérg, RUMP, has received four votes, while her opponent, former ZRTer and argumentative founder of the Republican Party (LPR) Mximo Carbonél has two.
The only candidate, Viteu Marcianüs, RUMP, has received all the three votes cast so far.

Provincial assemblies.
Atatürk, House of Commons
Twentyfour Atatürkeys have to vote for the House of Commons election. With twelve votes cast, the current situation is:


Benito, Legislative Chancellery
Twentyfive Benitians are called to vote for the Chancellorial election. With seven votes cast, the current situation is:

Cézembre, L'Etats
Twentyfour Cézembreans are called to vote for l'Etats election. With eight votes cast, the current situation is:


Fiovâ has a provincial assembly (National Assembly), but her citizens are free to join it without an election

Florencia, Nimlet
Twentyone Florencians are called to vote for the Nimlet's election. With just four votes cast, the current situation is:

Maricopa has a provincial assembly (Cabana), but her citizens are free to join it without an election.

Maritiimi-Maxhestic's election is conducted by the province.

Vuode doesn't elect her assembly.

Cosâ: 5th Clark, final results

The final results of the 5th Clark business into the Cosâ. Let's see how the MCs dal Regipäts have voted this month. This month's business:

44RZ24 - The One More Step Towards Individual Freedom Act, PASSED the Cosâ
44RZ25 - The Let's Not Have Short Acts or Amendments Act 2.0, PASSED the Cosâ
    CeR11Eldsfäts Blasiüs11PERPERÜC
    CSPP19Owen Edwards9CONPERNON

    Flip Molinar3PERPERNON

    Davíu Lundescu3PERPERNON

    Eiric Biançéu3PERPERÜC
    Ián Txaglh1PERCONNON
    MRPT18Alexandreu Bisquinc6PERPERNON

    Lüc da Schir6PERPERNON

    Niclau Patíci6PERPERNON
    RUMP108Ma la Mha9CONPERÜC

    Çesli da Chilseu9CONCONÜC

    C.M. Siervicül9PERPERÜC

    Litz Cjantscheir9CONCONÜC

    Alexandreu Davinescu9CONCONÜC

    Trotxâ Betiñéir9CONCONÜC

    Txec Nordselva9PERPERÜC

    Vitxalmour Conductour9PERPERÜC

    Ian da Bitour9CONCONÜC

    Dien Tresplet9CONPERÜC

    Danihel Txechescu9CONPERÜC

    Pôl d'Auribuérg9CONPERÜC
    ZRT44Miestrâ Schivâ10PERPERNON

    C. Carlüs Xheráltescu10PERPERNON

    Eoin Ursüm10PERPERNON

    Sarac'h Txilvertescu10PERPERNON

    Mximo Carbonél4PERPERNON
Concerning the Senats, with the results still not definitive, 44RZ24 is currently stroken by the RUMPist-majority body with a 3-4, while 44RZ25 is passing with a 6-1.

New Year’s Interviews

Hi there fellow Talossan readers,
here you are the interviews we did to put into the New Year Issue, and the article of Txec Roibeard Nordselva. Knowing that the Observer decided to suspend any PDF issue, we posted them here.

Here's the article:
News from the Royal College of Arms

The Royal College of Arms has been quite busy recently. His Majesty King John has awarded new grants of arms to several citizens in the past few months. The College has also seen a new member join her ranks. Dr. Txec Nordselva (disclaimer: Dr. Nordselva is the author of this article) joined initially as the Oblivious Auditing Fellowship. After the completion and granting of two arms projects for S:rue Huisman and S:rue Haruschinets, he was given the Fulbright Fellowship. The following citizens were recently granted arms in the Victory Day Honors: Cameron St. Clair, Martì Vataldestreça, M.T. Patritz da Biondeu, Adam Haruschinets, David Huisman, and Vernon Larsen. Congratulations to the new armigers.

 Txec Roibeárd Nordselva

The questions we asked were:
1) How do you evaluate your Talossan 2012? (was it a positive or negative year?)
2) For you, what was the most important event happened in Talossa this year?
3) What are your expectations for next year?
Miestrâ Antôniâ Istefansëfiglhâ Schivâ, UrN, MC (ZRT)
1. The year of Reunision was, for myself and all Republicans, kind of bitter-sweet, but on balance a massive positive.2. It's very difficult to say anything other than Reunision. For me, personally, we could mention the founding of the Eighth Province, Fiôvâ; the great performance of the ZRT in its first united-Talossan election; and my own retirement from frontline politics.3. The defeat of the RUMP in the next election, or the one after that; and the ZRT to play a leading role in the government that replaces it.

Glüc "Glücky" da Dhi, Senator, Cézembre, Party leader (MRPT)
1. Well, obviously there were good and bad moments. In general I would say 2012 was a very good year for Talossa. Reunision has boosted activity, even outside election season. We’ve seen a great increase in provincial activity as well. Its not just Cézembre and M-M anymore. It’s amazing to see how many new citizens immigrated this year, apart from all the former republicans. And finally we’ve seen the start of some important democratic reforms as well. Amendments to make provinces responsible for senatorial elections and to make a first step towards a secret ballot have finally passed the cosa. The creation of Talossawiki is something that needed and will certainly help to us to grow even better. There is still a lot that can be improved of course. We could be a little bit nicer to each other at times and have a little more respect for wittiquette, elections should be more about issues, parties should take more accountability for how they vote in cosa, provincial activity isn’t quite perfect yet. But looking at what Talossans have achieved this year, I’m confident that we will be able to resolve these issues as well. 2. That’s a difficult question. There were some important events, though none of them had the impact reunision had. The elections, the passage of the “Where do you want to be oiled amendment”, the founding of the NPW. All events that changed Talossa. But when I have to choose, I’d pick the creation of Talossawiki.3. Well, Im guessing Talossa will continue to grow and provinces continue to get more active. Cézembre will hopefully have its own forum by the end of 2013. I hope we will finally see a working as well. I’m really hoping Talossa will finally see an end to the ban on ‘dual citizenship’, but I’m afraid that won’t happen just yet. Although, in the end, I think micronational reform is inevitable. I think there’s a good chance, although it will be close, that the RUMP will lose its minority next elections, mostly because of the surge of the NPW. That would be scary, but it would also be good for Talossa. The senäts will remain under RUMP control though. I intend to run again for the Cézembrean seat, but I think Litz might do the same thing and if she does, the election will be very close. We’ll see how it ends. I don’t think 2013 will have as much impact as reunision had. But hopefully it’ll be a very good year for Talossa.

Eovárt "Eðo" Grischun, Premieir of Vuode
1. Personally, I feel 2012 has been a highly positive year for Talossa. The year stared with a real buzz about it because of the Reunision events. I had just about given up all hope that the two nations would reunite or ever begin cordial relations with each other, so, it was a massive deal for me to witness it happening. I've been Talossan since early 2009 and in the three years from me joining to the Reunision, this was something I wanted the most and was more than delighted when it came about. The general election in 2012 was also a highlight for me. Sure, at some points it got heated and, perhaps, over the top, but, compared to some of the Kingdom's past elections this was pretty tame in comparison. What made this particular election special was the new dynamic that the ZRT brought to the table. We were also riding on the back off that Reunision buzz so we were all full of fire and raring to go at it, something that Talossan elections had lacked for several cycles. I was thrilled to be working alongside Owen Edwards again in that campaign and completely enjoyed the debates between all parties. For me, as a personal achievement, I got the chance to conduct the first half of the election and considering the things that were going on in my personal life at the time, that was a real confidence booster. I also think projects like the TalossaWiki helped make 2012 a total barn burner.2. For me, the events during the spring concerning the CSP and PPT merger. You see, it took me a long time to find my place in Talossa. I was chopping back and forth between parties and making u-turn after u-turn on various policy issues for my first couple of years. The Talossan learning curve in respect to politics was pretty difficult for me to get to grips with. Slowly, but surely, I became a Prog and even after I left the PPT last year, I still felt that the CSP stood on fairly progressive values. I was deeply saddened to see Istefan Lorentzescu leave the Kingdom. He was a good friend to me and I still miss him sorely. I was also in a fluster because I thought the PPT was going to fold for good. But, if one good thing came from all of that it was that it forced the merger to form the CSPP. We went into the election campaign with very little support with almost all the progressive voices no longer an active part of the Kingdom. I feel we pulled back this year against some pretty overwhelming odds and I am happy to see Progressivism still alive and kicking.3. This is a tough question for me as my thoughts for next year are mostly on my personal life at the moment. It's going to be hard for me to rip myself away from Witt and concentrate on what needs to be done (addictive personality and all), but, I will need to step back as things get more intense for me. However, I expect the efforts towards increasing provincial activity to continue and probably begin yielding some positive and measurable effects next year. I imagine that the Wiki project will also continue to experience growth. I'm also looking forward to witnessing the coming election in the spring now that we have another party in the mix and I hope that the TFest and related counterpart celebrations are a huge success. I'm hoping that the European event gets organised and that I manage to attend and meet some Talossans for the first time. Talossa can only keep getting better and keep experiencing growth, in my opinion. If 2012 was a total barn burner then 2013 is going to set the skies on fire.

Dieter "Deet" Nanoc'hfiglheu Vercariâ, NPW
1. It was partly exciting, looking back at my time in the Republican team that negotiated the terms of a Talossan reunion. It was sad to see the Republic of Talossa fold. And it was nice to experience the warm welcome in the Kingdom.2. The return of friends who had quit the Republic before made me happy. As well as the successful foundation and launch of a new Peculiarist party.3. I hope the NPW will stay alive and make it into the Cosâ. And maybe the Kingdom of Talossa will welcome the 300th citizens by the end of 2013.

Iason Bitxichë Taiwos, Senator of Benito, NPW
1. I think 2012 will be long remembered as a great and important year in Talossan history. We finally saw Reunision occur (and kudos to all the parties who made it happen); we saw an influx of new, active, and enthusiastic citizens; basically, the positives heavily ouweigh the negatives. Certainly, no year will pass without some unpleasantness occurring, and 2012 was no exception, but in the long run they will be forgotten, and we will remember 2012 as a glorious period in our Kingdoms history. (Most importantly, I was elected Senator, an event which, in the future, will be seen to have begun the Golden Taiwosian age of Benitian civilization. ;D)2. Well, Reunision was the most important event this year. For me, personally, however, it was TalossaEast. TalossaEast made Talossa real for me. Not that I didn't consider it real before, but finally getting to meet other Talossans in person, and seeing the other TalossaFests going on really made me feel that I truly was a part of a real worldwide community, and that we're not just some internet club. I left TalossaEast with a renewed enthusiasm for Talossa. And, most importantly, I had a great time.3 My expectations for next year...well, I hope we will continue to see Talossa grow and prosper. I'd like to see more provincial activity going on. I know that, despite whatever political differences we may have, we all wish for nothing but the best for Talossa, and I look forward to seeing more multipartisan cooperation in moving Talossa forward to an even brighter future.
In closing, i'd like to wish all Talossans a wonderful new year.

Etats vote on maximum nr of seats.

Cézembre - L’Etats de Cézembre are currently voting on C4, the balance of power amendment. The bill was proposed by MRPT member Glüc da Dhi and, if passed, will prevent members of the assembly from holding more than six seats in the 20 seat assembly. This would mean a change in the current formation of the assembly, where Dame Litz Cjantscheir, a member of the RUMP holds ten of the eleven RUMP seats in the assembly. This means her vote will also most likely determine the outcome of the vote. Should the amendment pass the assembly, it still needs approval by the Cézembrean citizens in a referendum, and by the Kings representative in the province, Sir Cresti Siervicül. Cézembrean Sénéchal Niclau Patíci has set out voting time on the amendment, starting October 15th and ending November 4th .

Glüc da Dhi