Terms of Service

  1. The Talossan Media Aggregator (“TMA”) is a service of Talossan Citizens Archive (“TCA”), and an affiliated publication of the Talossan Press Association. It is dedicated to archiving past and current news, editorials and other media from the Kingdom.
  2. Inclusion in the TMA may be provided at no cost but TCA reserves the right to charge a service fee. Such fees are used to subsidize the operational costs of the TMA and other services hosted or managed by TCA. No charges will be levied retroactively or without warning.
  3. TMA does not promote or otherwise credit any particular news organization or publisher, but may, where possible and at the administration’s discretion, provide a click-through to the content origin.
  4. Distributed content remains the copyright of the original author.
  5. Author attribution is provided as-given through the syndication feed of origin. Any inaccuracies in authorship lie with the originating publication source.
  6. Any publisher wishing to have their feed removed from aggregation must notify Sevastáin Pinátsch, Cüratour, Talossan Citizens Archive, in writing.
  7. Any writer wishing to have their content removed from aggregation must notify Sevastáin Pinátsch, Cüratour, Talossan Citizens Archive, in writing.
  8. If the Cüratour deems than an individual or organization requires a level of service which cannot be feasibly provided given the limitations of the TMA’s resources and/or demands made by the content author or publisher, the related content may be removed from the queue of future  aggregation and past content may be deleted from the archive.
  9.  The content of the Talossan Media Aggregator is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate as:
    1. content is not produced by the TMA;
    2. inclusion in the TMA is  voluntary on the part of writers and publishers (per Paragraphs 6 and 7);
    3. provision of the aggregation and distribution service is not guaranteed and is subject to limitation (per Paragraph 8);
    4. accuracy and availability is further limited by the technical restrictions of  the RSS, Atom, or other applicable syndication protocols; and
    5. content is subject to TMA administrative oversight and may be deleted at any time and without notice.
  10. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Revised 2015-06-15

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