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49th Cosa Election: RUMP candidate revealed to be convicted felon

It has been revealed that Sir Iusti Carlüs Canun, a former Secretary of State and RUMP MZ, is currently serving a 25-year sentence in the United States for sexual offences.

Sir Iusti was listed in the RUMP candidate list for the 49th Cosa, one of a number of persons on the list whose presence other parties had questioned, owing to their limited or complete non-participation in public affairs.

In reply to a query by ModRad activist Güc da Dhi RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu stated that if inactive citizens, citing Sir Iusti as an example, were to return he would “want to give them a few seats and get them interested and involved…it is absolutely in the best interests of our party…and our nation”.

The RUMP leader had previously  expressed regret at the prolonged absence of Sir Iusti. In January 2016 on the RUMP party forum’s public section, he stated that Sir Iusti “dropped off the face of the earth one day, it seems like…Several times since, I’ve reached out, but haven’t heard anything.” He described Sir Iusti’s inclusion in the RUMP member list as “an act of faith”.

Sir Iusti was a prominent public figure in the Kingdom. According to TalossaWiki, he was Senator for Maricopa from August 2009-May 2013, and was Secretary of State from June 2010 until November 2013. He also served as Seneschal during the 40th Cosa.

He announced in November 2013 that he was going “on hiatus”, for what he described on Wittenberg as “reasons beyond his control”. He later announced his formal resignation from the office in February 2014, stating that “it has come to my attention that I may be gone for some time”. According to Wittenberg records, his username was last used on 19th March 2015.

Based on the information relating to the case available online, these dates correspond to his commital to the prison system and to the date on which his sentence began. (Screenshot below: note that identifying information has been redacted)


Within the last 24 hours a source told ETT that Sir Cresti Siervicul, a senior RUMP party member, had revealed to a former party colleague that Sir Iusti had been sentenced to prison for child pornography and sexual assault on a minor.

When asked by ETT, Sir Cresti confirmed that he had learned of the issue via a Google search of the Sir Iusti’s full name. He claimed that he had not shared the information with anyone besides the ex-RUMP member, including Sir Alexandreu, and indeed claimed that the ex-RUMP member he had spoken to had asked him to keep the information confidential.

Earlier today FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ, asking if the members of the RUMP list were “fit and proper”, revealed on Wittenberg (without naming Sir Iusti) that one of the individuals on the list was serving a prison sentence. She claimed that the issue was that the RUMP leadership had shown poor judgement in not vetting their candidates.

This prompted an emotional reply from Sir Alexandreu, who insisted he was unaware of the situation, and claimed that the FreeDem leader was publicising the matter “in the hope of scoring some points” in a “vile” manner.

FreeDem Shadow Minister of Stuff Admiral T.M. Asmourescu, who is a notable critic of the RUMP leader, described himself as “appalled and disgusted” at the news, and expressed concern at the risk to the reputation of teaching and child care professionals involved in Talossa due to their association with Sir Iusti in various public records. He claimed that the RUMP owed the nation an “apology” for failing to notify them of the issue.

In the last few minutes Vuode Senator and RUMP member Éovart Grischun urged calm and suggested that public comments should be minimised to avoid adverse publicity for the Kingdom. He stated that the RUMP were discussing the matter internally and that he believed “a formal response to these revelations is forthcoming”.

the Talossan Observer 2013-04-16 17:57:00

Elections are up, gentlemen! Let's have a look at the results.

RUMP - Rexhalistaes Unenuxhinds pr'iensa Monarc'hà Panincestind
The RUMP has won 98 seats (49,19%). This is the first time since April 2007 that the RUMP does not gain an absolute majority of seats (at least 101/200) in the Cosâ.
The party leader, S:r Pôl d'Auribuérg, hasn't announced the list of MCs yet.

ZRT - Zefençadéirs del Republicánismeu Talossán
The ZRT gained 29 seats in the Cosâ (14,52%). Party Leader Cauvesc Carlüs Xheraltescu has announced the list of MCs:
5 seats to Cauvesc Carlüs Xheraltescu (party whip?)
5 seats to Óïn Ursüm
5 seats to Miestrâ Schivâ
5 seats to Gödafrïeu Válcadác'h
4 seats to Erschéveþ Üchescu

MRPT - the Moderate-Radical Party of Talossa
The MRPT gained 21 seats in the Cosâ (10,48%), three more than last election. Party Leader Glüc da Dhi hasn't announced the official list of MCs yet, but as long as this party has previously issued a mandatory candidates list, we have this almost-official-but-still-not-confirmed list:
7 seats to Alexandreu Bisquinc (party whip)
7 seats to Lüc da Schir
7 seats to Ben Putnam

CSPP - the Common-Sense Progressive Party
The CSPP gained 21 seats in the Cosâ (10,48%), two more than last election. Curiously enough, CSPP and MRPT have taken the same amount of votes again.
Party Leader Owen Edwards has announced the list of MCs:
4 seats to Owen Edwards (party whip?)
4 seats to Eðo Grischun
4 seats to Eiric Biançeu
3 seats to Flip Molinar
3 seats to Vit Caçeir
3 seats to Daviu Lundescu

IND - the Indipendents's Party
The INDs gained 13 seats in the Cosâ. Party Leader Erschéveþ Cjantscheir hasn't announced any MCs list yet.

NPW - the New Peculiar Way
The NPW gained 11 seats in the Cosâ (5,65%). Party Leader Dieter Nanoc'hfiglhëu Vercariâ has announced the list of MCs, but not their seats, as he assigned 2,75 seats each:
? seats to Vitxalmour Conductour (party whip?)
? seats to Andreas Lorentz
? seats to Ián Txáglh
? seats to Dieter N. Vercariâ

Vitxalmour Conductour explained later, "Article VII section 3 of the Organic Law states that "Seats won by each party shall be divided by that party among its own members and supporters as it sees fit [...]". The NPW feels that all MC's should be equals, and while we cannot force our belief on other parties, within the NPW, we "see fit" to assure that our MC's are equal to each other."
The Secretary of State sir Iustí Canun hasn't answered yet, but he'll hardly accept this assignment.

LPR - le Parti Republicain
The LPR gained 7 seats in the Cosâ (3,23%). Party Leader Mximo Carbonél has assigned all the seven seats to himself, but "Any person who want a seat send me an MP.
Only condition: to have voted LPR in the last election."

More updates + Senäts and Provincial results soon!


New SoS for the RT

Mick Preston, Secretary of State of the Kingdom of Talossa since April of 2007, announced his retirement from that post yesterday.

In his announcement (his last pronouncement as SoS), Preston said that "[he] stood on the shoulders of giants," and that his tenure in the office was "a great time," before stamping the seal of the Chancery, ending an era of Talossan statecraft.

Many Talossans, including Seneschal Alexander Davis, expressed their thanks and best wishes for his fulfilment of one of the most taxing and important offices of state.

Prime Minister Davis today appointed Preston's successor in the rôle: Distain Iustì Carlüs Canun.