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Cabinet Crisis: Miestrâ gives her side of “Blackmail” Affair

As reported by ETT, newly appointed Minister of Finance and Stuff MT Patritz da Biondeu MC has resigned from the Free Democrats of Talossa and accused the Senator Miestrâ Schivâ of “blackmail”. S:reu da Biondeu, who is also Scribe of Abbavilla, claimed that Senator Schivâ threatened to reveal that the Scribe’s had privately and apparently vociferously called for the dismissal of ModRad ministers if he left the party. The Scribe went so far as to claim that the FreeDems “can not be trusted to lead a government” as a result of the incident.

During ETT’s discussion with Senator Schivâ (first part published yesterday), ETT asked the Senator for her side of the internal conflict that has rocked the FreeDems, to which she replied at length. We had hoped to get S:reu da Biondeu’s response to her comments but we were not able to reach him at the time of writing.

Senator Schivâ told ETT that “the Scribe’s summary of the facts is more or less correct. The word “blackmail” is frankly ludicrous. We could say, rather: “explaining the consequences of bad behaviour”.”

The Scribe cited three specific sources of dissatisfaction with the FreeDem party in his “blackmail” statement:

  • “the tactic of incessantly attacking AD” [RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC]
  • what the Scribe claimed was an unwillingness “to take action until things blow up”, a reference to the debate around the fate of inactive ministers
  • a “double standard” operated in the party, where “[Senaor Schivâ] can attack you for voting against her bills…but you cannot do the same when your bills are voted against”

Senator Schivâ points to the second rationale as being the decisive reason for the Scribe’s discontent. According to the Senator the Scribe had demanded that Seneschal C. Carlüs Xhertaltescù dismiss the MRPT ministers “a month ago”, which the Seneschal had refused to do. Senator Schivâ states that she had sided with the Seneschal in the descision, which she says was the “right one”. The strain in the Scribe’s political relationship with the Seneschal now extended to his personal relationship with the Senator, who says that the Scribe “underestimated” the personal ties between the Seneschal and the Senator after a “decade working together on politics”.

Senator Schivâ claims that the Scribe “strongly objected” when the Seneschal voted against the Scribe’s Caught In The Act Act Bill in the December Clark. According to the Senator, the Scribe then began to criticise bills already published in the Clark by the Senator, in order to illustrate the “double standard” to which he referred, which the Senator frankly admits that she found “annoying”.

With respect to the her treatment of Sir Alexandreu the Senator declared that “as leader, I will be guided by the Party in all my political dealings. If the Party says “back off with your attacks on the RUMP leader”, I’ll back off. If the Party says “hug him and tell him he’s a lovely person”, I’ll grit my teeth and do so”. She stated that she will seek to “walk the fine line of correcting any concern-trolling or disingenuous partisan misrepresentations I see without losing my temper or straying into personal attacks or trolling on my own part”. She did however emphasise that “I consider that responding to (factually correct) attacks on the Coalition Government’s record with “consider the alternative!” is political fair play”.

She told ETT that aside from the point relating to her often tempestuous public interactions with the RUMP leader, she didn’t feel S:reu da Biondeu’s criticisms were esentially political at all, but a product of personal frustration. Discussing her interactions with S:reu da Biondeu, the Senator said “when you’re in a situation where a person is saying you did a bad thing, you say “I’m sorry, you’re right, it was bad, what can I do to fix it”, and he just starts accusing you again because he doesn’t think you’re really sorry… you have to realise that actually resolving the conflict is not the goal, that they just need to be angry with you and curse you, and the best thing is to let it happen”. (S:reu da Biondeu himself admits that he used insulting language towards the Senator in their most recent private conversations. It is unclear however if this tirade began before or after the incident the Scribe refers to as “blackmail”).

She did however repeat her public statements on Wittenberg that “the Scribe is a good, active Talossan, that I would happily include him in a Shadow Cabinet if he hadn’t already refused on the grounds that I’m “untrustworthy”, and I wish him and his new husband the very best”.

Miestrâ Schivâ: Blackmail charge “ludicrous”, election a “two-horse race”

Senator Miestrâ Schivâ has told ETT that in her opinion “this [forthcoming general] election is a two-horse race” between the FreeDem party and the RUMP. The FDT leadership candidate told ETT that “the ModRads are heading for the crossbenches and wouldn’t be likely to be the largest party anyway, and neither would this Prog/TNC alliance I’m hearing about”, leaving the two major parties as the only alternatives to lead the next government.

Senator Schivâ described herself as “absolutely gutted” by the resignation of former party leader Senator Munditenens Tresplet who she praised as “an active and competent leader who was building a strong Shadow Cabinet”, even as she acknowledged he was “lukewarm” on some of the FreeDems constitutional reform proposals. The Senator declared that “I will be quite happy to consider handing the leadership back to [Senator Tresplet] should he ever be in a position to claim it”, and that she hoped she could build on the work already started by the former FDT President if elected to replace him.

The Senator, who has been appointed Distain following the resignation of Senator Lüc da Schir, is also Attorney-General of the Kingdom. In that capacity she has launched an appeal to the Uppermost Cort’s rejection of the da Schir suit against the King’s refusal to proclaim 47RZ28. The Cort rejected her first attempt but she has re-filed a new brief with el Cort Inalt today today. Senator Schivâ claims that her new appeal has legitimate chances for success, stating that “real lawyers who are not members of the Free Democrats agree” that the Cort erred in it’s earlier judgement.

The Senator refused to be drawn on her party’s attitude to the ¾ Majority Amendment, the compromise measure promoted by MRPT MC Ian Plätschsich that will be on the ballot in the next general election, stating that her Uppermost Cort brief will deal with the matter.

The Senator welcomed the progress made by the Royal Commission on the Organic Law, an initially controversial initiative designed, in the Senator’s words, to “to take constitutional reform out of the bear-pit of the Ziu”. She described Justice dal Nordselva’s as the “ideal” chair of the body, and claimed that the royal appointees, while conservative, “are motivated by principle not partisanship”. She stated that she hoped that regardless of the outcome of the election the Commission would be given time to complete its work, pledging that a FreeDem government would extend the deadline if necessary.

Addressing the da Biondeu “blackmail” allegations, the Senator confirmed again that the Scribe of Abbavilla’a account of events, stating that it was “more or less correct”. She did however describe the use of the term blackmail as “ludicrous”, suggesting that it could be described as “explaining the consequences of bad behaviour”. When asked if she felt the allegations were personally damaging to her prospects as FDT leader, she stated that “she can’t say…I think anyone who reads the Scribe’s comments will believe them if they already had a bad opinion of me, or ignore them if they don’t”.

She acknowledged that the controversy had raised “important points”, namely “to what extent the Party are obliged to support each other’s bills”, a proposal on which the FreeDems are currently discussing. According to the Senator, the Scribe “rejected these reforms because they would be too easy for the Seneschál and myself to manipulate”. (S:reu da Biondeu could not be reached at the time of writing for comment.)

FreeDem turmoil: Tresplet resigns as leader, Schivâ accused of “blackmail”

Less than a week after the collapse of the coalition with the MRPT the Free Democrats of Talossa were rocked by the resignation of newly elected party President Senator Munditenens Tresplet, as well as allegations of “blackmail” agains Senator Miestrâ Schivâ made by FreeDem MC and Scribe of Abbavilla MT Patritz da Biondeu.

Explaining that the difficulties of a family member will “require most of my time, attention, and energy”, Senator Tresplet stated that he felt it would be thus “irresponsible” to lead the FDT into the next election with “my thoughts focused on something else”. He did however confirm that he would be seeking reelection as Senator for Maricopa.

Senator Tresplet denied that his resignation had been influenced by the recent controversies that rocked the now defunct coalition. While stating that he “understands and respects” the MRPT’s reasons for leaving the government during the final clark of the Cosa, Senator Tresplet described the timing of the decision as “unfortunate”. The Senator also declared that as FDT President he had campaigned for a “government that works for the people [and] leave the politics to the Ziu”, and urged his successor to pursue this approach.

Senator Tresplet was elected to the position by the post-merger convention of the new party, the fruit of a merger between the ZRT and the Liberal Congress. The Senator announced an ambitious agenda to lead the FDT into the next government as the largest party, even as he acknowledged that he was not in sympathy with a number of signature FDT policies on a nuber of issues, most notably on Cosa reform.

Meanwhile, in an emotive statement on Wittenberg newly appointed Minister for Finance and Stuff MT Patritz da Biondeu MC accused his party collegue and Distain Senator Miestrâ Schivâ of “blackmail”. S:reu da Biondeu claims that the Senator threatened to release private correspondence that would have revealed that S:reu da Biondeu had wanted to replace ineffective Ministers unless he remained in the FDT, a prospect that as “a rather quiet person” would “devastate him personally”.

The FreeDem MC, who is also Scribe of Abbavilla, claimed that he had advised the Senator of his “intent to leave the FreeDem party”. Sireu da Biondeu claimed that this was due to his dissatisfaction with “the tactic of incessantly attacking AD” [RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC], as well as what the Scribe claimed was an unwillingness “to take action until things blow up”. He also claimed that a “double standard” operated in the party, where “[Senaor Schivâ] can attack you for voting against her bills…but you cannot do the same when your bills are voted against”. He did acknowledge that he had wished to have ineffective ministers “fired…replaced with individuals who would do the job”, and that he had “ridiculed” the Seneschal for his reluctance to do so, despite later criticising this stance. He also confirmed that he had “insulted [Senator Schivâ] privately”.

Senator Schivâ responded to the allegations by claiming S:reu da Bondeu had sent “pages and pages” of insulting messages, but she also however confirmed that “da Biondeu’s accusations are essentially correct”. Declaring that it was “hypocritical to be criticising the Seneschál for doing something that MTPdB said should have been done a long time ago”, she confirmed that she “did say I would reveal the gap between public and private in this issue if he were to walk out of the party over it”. She also claimed that da Biondeu had claimed that the FDT party leadershp elections had been fraudulent (da Biondeu had been a candidate but came third).

Senator Schivâ later declared that “the Free Democrats of Talossa are united and strong”, claiming that as “a nation addicted to politics” the public “break” of the Scribe was “funny”. She also claimed that “MTPdaB’s issues are personal ones – he still agrees with our actual political stance, I think”.

Scribery announces new initiatives: arcived Ziu debates, printed laws

The Scribe of Abbavilla, MT Patritz da Biondeu-Garcia MC, has announced that the Scribery will begin to archive debates of the Ziu, starting with those of the 48th Cosa. S:reu da Biondeu also announced that the Scribery will aim to provide printed copies of El Lexhatx (the legal code), individual bills and records of debates for sale “at cost”. He also announced the “dismissal of the existing staff of Deputy Scribes, and has invited new applicants to contact his office.

In addition, the Scribe also stated that he would seek to “obtain a nationally approved seal and embosser”. This would presumably also be used if S:reu da Biondeu’s “Caught In The Act Act” bill in the December Clark is passed. As already noted by ETT, the proposal would create a paper archive of signed and proclaimed Acts of the Ziu.

The Scribe of Abbavilla is responsible for “maintaining and recording Talossa’s Organic Law and statutes, and changes thereto”. The Scribery has been faulted by MZs for a lack of activity in recent times, as noticeable delays were experienced in the revision of the legal codes and constitution, with RUMP leader Alexandreu Davinescu MC being a prominent and frequent critic.

Sireu da Biondeu was an unsuccessful candidate for the FreeDem party leadership, coming third behind Senator Mestrâ Schivâ and eventual victor Senator Munditenens Tresplet. S:reu da Biondeu was also declared winner the 2015 Cosa Speaker election, defeating Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, but withdrew his name from contention after a controversy over the procedures employed by the Cosa to inform MCs of the vote led to legal action.

Packed December Clark ushers 48th Cosa to an end

Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir has published the 6th and final Clark of the 48th Cosa. Ten proposals have been submitted by MZs, including two Organic Law amendments-a record for the 48th Cosa, topping the eight measures listed in the 5th Clark.

The Mandatory Cosa Lists Amendment (48RZ35) has been reintroduced by Ian Plätschisch MC and C. Carlüs Xheraltescù MC after its defeat in the November Clark. The measure has not been changed since its first examination by the Ziu, but in his comments on Wittenberg S:reu Plätschisch expressed confidence in its eventual passage, stating that “the only reason it failed was because some senators forgot to vote”. Senator Miesträ Schivä however declared herself “not optimistic” about the amendment’s ultimate fate, as she anticipates a better turnout from RUMP MCs who a priori should have reservations about the introduction of mandatory candidate lists.

S:reu Plätschisch has also proposed Another Reformatting Bill (48RZ36), as “I like the law to look pretty” and “if I Clark a bill next month I will have Clarked a bill in all six Clarks”. The bill would amend the procedure around terpelaziun (interpellation) of Ministers by MZs.

Senator Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun, finding time from a busy schedule that according to the preamble of his bill includes auctions, snoring pets and avoiding his studies has published his direct democracy proposal, the long-gestating People Will Enact Amendment (48RZ37), as well as its accompanying ordinary legislation. This would offer groups of at least six citizens who are not Members of the Ziu the opportunity to propose legislation (but not amend the Organic Law). The proposed decree would then be approved (or otherwise) in a plebiscite. The amendment would also permit a group of eight citizens the ability to force a Ziu vote on a constitutional amendment.

Senator da Lhiun has also proposed The Hopes Will Come True Bill (48RZ38), a Talossan-language translation of the text of El Lexhatx, which previously expressed the “hope” that the legal code would be available in the national language.

Newly-appointed Attorney-General Senator Miestrâ Schivâ has proposed The Can’t You Guys Run A Simple Election Bill (48RZ29), an effort to establish a clear procedure for electing the Túischac’h of the Cosa, after the recent controversy that has left the lower house without a presiding officer for the whole of the 48th Cosa.

She has also proposed The Canton Borders Sing This Song Bill (48RZ30), which reorganises the legal provisions in El Lexhatx concerning the boundries of the provincial cantons, and The Arkell v. Pressdram Bill (48RZ32), which enshrines in Talossan law the notorious response of the British satirical magazine Private Eye to what it considered a vexatious attempt to intimidate it through the use of UK libel law.

Scribe of Abbavilla Munditenens-Txec Patritz da Biondeu-Garcia MC has proposed The Caught In The Act Bill (48RZ33) that would require all future legislation prclaimed by the monarchy to be physically signed in triplicate. One copy would be retained by the King, and one other each sent to the Scribe and the National Archivist, and provides a modest budget for the purpose.

Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir has proposed The Database Accessibility and Protection Bill (48RZ31), that would create the Office of Royal Data Clerk, de jure separating the ofice of Secretary of State from the technical management of the national Database. A copy of the database would be presented over to the members of the Upperost Cort and the database itself would become the property of the nation. The creation of the Royal Data Clerkship has been a long-standing request of S:reu Furxheir, who is presently the owner of the Database, which he began as a private enterprise unconnected with his legal duties as Secretary of State.

Finally The BHAID Act of 2015 (48RZ34) has been proposed by Minister of Culture (and BHAID Governor) Françal Ian Lux MC. The Bill would provide legislative authority to the Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance to send the proceeds of the recent fundraising appeal to the project chosen by the Board of Governors, UNICEF refugee assisatnce in Syria (discussed by ETT here). [ETT: Inxheneu Crovâ is Administrator of BHAID]

Interior Ministry: Deputies Appointed

Minster of the Interior Munditens Tresplet has appointed four Deputies to serve in his Ministry. Nicholas Hayes, Deputy Minister of the Interior Françal Ian Lux, Deputy Minister of Immigration M.T. Patritz da Biondeu, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Óïn Ursüm, Acting Deputy Minister of Defence The Minister stated:
“The Ministry has many big and excited things planned during the term of this government, and I am excited to be able to work with my team to accomplish our (possibly lofty) goals.”

Recommendations – Appointment of a Cabinet

The Office of the Prime Minister of Talossa
L’Óifisch dal Seneschal del Regipäts Talossa

Recommendation: Appointment of a Cabinet

Voastra Maxhestá —

I come now before the throne seeking an audience to recommend the appointment of Ministers to Your Majesty’s Government.

The Moderate Radical Party of Talossa, els Zefençadéirs del Repúblicanismeu Talossán, the Liberal Congress and the Progressive Party have agreed on the appointment of a cabinet consisting of the following ministers. We have deliberately chosen to slim down the team by having the Distáin hold a ministerial portfolio too and by merging the Home Affairs, Immigration and Defence portfolio to be held by a single Interior Minister as per 47PD01.

This is a team of ambitious and experienced people who are all eager to get things done and show Talossa that an active government is not an utopia. Allow me to add as a personal remark, Your Majesty, that I regard this as an absolute “dream team”, and that I have the maximum confidence in these citizens’ loyalty and dedication to the Kingdom.

Therefore, I, Lüc da Schir, Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan, with all duly vested authority and stuff, hereby recommend that Your Majesty appoint these fellow Talossan citizens and loyal subjects of yours to the following cabinet posts:

DistainBadgeMiestrâ Schivâ, UrN
to the position of

HomeAffairsBadgeImmigrationBadgeDefenceBadgeCarlüs Xheraltescú
to the position of
Minister of the Interior;

FinanceBadgeOwen Edwards
to the position of
Minister of Finance;

JusticeBadgeMagniloqeu Epiqeu da Lhiun
to the position of

StuffBadgeSevastain Pinatsch
to the position of
Minister of Stuff

ForeignAffairsBadgeMunditenens Txec Patritz da Biondeu
to the position of
Minister of Foreign Affairs;

CultureBadgeMiestrâ Schivâ
to the position of
Minister of Culture;

Confident that the Crown will consent to accept these recommendations, may I be the first to congratulate each of the newly appointed Ministers. I look forward to working with you all over the upcoming term.

Lüc da Schir

S:reu Seneschal —

Trusting that we have all the names right now :), I thank you for these recommendations, and am pleased hereby to make these appointments. Congratulations, thanks, and best wishes to you and all who have agreed to serve in your Cabinet.

— John R

Recommendation: Appointment of a Scribe of Abbavilla

The Office of the Prime Minister of Talossa
L’Óifisch dal Seneschal del Regipäts Talossa

Recommendation: Appointment of a Scribe of Abbavilla

Voastra Maxhestà,

I realise this is a bit last minute, since my term as caretaker Seneschal is almost over, but since the election results require the formation of a coalition, which may take a while, and since this is not a very political decision, and one that probably is not too controversial either, I do not think it will be a problem.

Your Majesty, it sadly seems that the current Scribe of Abbavilla has gone AWOL, and thankfully we found someone prepared to take over from him. I have the fullest confidence that S;reu Da Biondeu is both capable and active enough to take over this job.

Therefore I, Glüc da Dhi, outgoing caretaker Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan, with all duly vested authority and stuff, hereby recommend that Your Majesty appoint:

100px-ScriberyBadgeM.T. Patritz da Biondeu
to the position of
Scribe of Abbavilla

I’m pleased to make this appointment. Hereby, S:reu da Biondeu is appointed to the exalted office of Scribe of Abbavilla, with all incomes and honours thereto appertaining.

— John R.

Update #2: IND and RUMP lists

The RUMP Members of the 45th Cosâ:
Pôl d'Aurìbuérg, 10 seats
Txec Nordselva, 10 seats
Count Hooligan, 10 seats
Sir Cresti Siervicul, 10 seats
Alexandreu Davinescu, 10 seats 
Ian da Bitour, 10 seats
Danihel Txechescu, 10 seats
Dien Tresplet, 10 seats
M.T. Patritz da Biondeu, 9 seats
Chelli Nordselva, 9 seats

The IND Members of the 45th Cosâ:
Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN, 7 seats
Txosue Pologn, 3 seats
Istefan Perþonest, 3 seats