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FreeDem leader calls for action against “lawless” King

In a hard-hitting speech to the Cosa FreeDem leader Dama Miestrâ Schivâ declared that at the moment majority opinion in her party favours a no vote on confidence, on the basis that the incoming coalition is not prepared to take action to “bring the lawless, unaccountable King to heel”.

According to the speech, delivered to the Cosa today, the FreeDem leader took aim at what she described as the “corrupt” relationship between the RUMP and the Crown, and comparing the other coalition parties to the “satellite” parties of the former Eastern Bloc states. The FreeDem leader declared that in her view her party will withhold confidence in the government, despite the calibre of its individual members, until it demonstrates a commitment to reform of the monarchy.

Dama Miestrâ also said that party sentiment was also against 49RZ3, which would reform the method by which the Cosa is dissolved in order to avoid delays in elections due to royal inaction, as occurred before the 49th Cosa election. She said this was due to her party’s decision to oppose any changes to the Organic Law until the Royal Commission has submitted its report, as well as objections to allowing the King to “fail to do his job with no consequences”.

The FreeDem leader has been a harsh critic of the King’s recent comportment in office, notably his ongoing failure to pronounce himself on 48RZ15, an Organic Law amendment  that would curtail the Crown’s ability to block constitutional changes. The so-called 3/4 Majority Amendment was passed with overwhelming majorities in the Ziu and by popular vote, but its legal status is uncertain until the King either proclaims it law, or “explicitly refuses” to do so, thus nullifying it.

Dama Miestrâ also criticised some of the King’s comments in the aftermath if the Canun Case revelations which she claimed were “insulting” to victims of abuse, as well as recent statements with respect to the law on the appointment of the Tuischac’h, which Dama Miestrâ claimed demonstrate a lack of respect for legal norms.

Reacting to the speech, ModRad deputy leader and Minister of STUFF Ian Plätschisch MC rejected the accusation that the government were not serious about reform of the monarchy. He stated that “it is difficult to make reforms when all OrgLaw amendments are considered an attack on the Royal Commission”. He also pointed to the work of government members in the Commission, including Sir Cresti, and the latter’s willingness to further extend its deadline for submission of its report.