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MRPT Conference: leadership contest exposes coalition doubts

As the Fifth Congress of the MRPT gets underway, two contenders for the leadership have announced themselves. Outgoing party leader, Distain and Finance Minister Senator Lüc da Schir has announced that he will seek another term as leader, with Deputy Interior Minister Ian Plâtschisch MC also stepping forward.

Senator da Schir stated that if re-elected he will not “enter in coalition deals with any other party”. S:reu da Schir further stated that in his opinion that a “lay-low crossbench term” would be healthy for the ModRads, and that “sometimes supporting a minority cabinet from the outside can get us more than being inside it (and faring very badly anyway)”.

The latter remark seems to be an implicit acknowledgement of the criticism that MRPT Ministers have underperformed during the 48th Cosa. According to the Senator, a term outside of government would allow the MRPT to renew itself and “get to the 50th Cosa with a strong team of active members”. The Senator also declared that he favoured promoting more active MCs over “putting our best people in the Senate”.

S:reu Plätschisch wished to emphasise that his decision to contest the leadership was not a reflection of a lack of confidence in the Senator. He stated however that while he had no objection to remaining outside of government in principle, he felt his approach was different enough from his party leader’s that he “wanted to give the party an alternative”.

S:reu Plätschisch stressed that he did not think the party should pursue a coalition “to the point of being trampled on”, but he did not agree that Talossa would benefit from a minority government, and that the party should “keep its options open, depending on election results and negotiations turn out”. He further stated that despite the negative perception some party members had of Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC the RUMP should not be excluded from coalition consideration. He also declared that he felt a coalition with the FDT was “unlikley”, though not objectionable to him.

Other senior party members weighed in on the topic, which was moved to the Congress Hall for a broader discussion of the party’s strategy.

Former party leader and Seneschal Glüc da Dhi declared that in his opinion the party “should take our responsibility in cabinet” and influence policy directly. He also stated that he did not support a minority government of either RUMP of FDT, and “could support a coalition” with either.

Senator Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun expressed support for Senator da Schir’s policy, stating that “I think we have been too government-driven” and that the party “should take some time to come to its senses”.