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November Clark Results: Coalition wins VoC, 4 MCs forfeit seats

According to the November Clark results published by the Chancery, Talossan Socialist Party MCs Gaglhen Fortaleça and Daniel Candee, along with independent MC Nicholas Hayes and RUMP MC Bradley Collin Holmes have exited the Ziu after their failure to vote in two successive Clark led to the forfeiture of their seats. These MCs held between them 33 seats in the Cosa, so along with the former assignment of errant Progressive MC Vit Caçéir, 37 Cosa seats remain unasigned at the time of writing.

Despite a strident condemnation of the government’s record by opposition leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, and the recent public tensions between coalition parties, the government survived the Vote of Confidence (94 Për/58 Contrâ). The split was along party lines as the remaining RUMP MCs were alone in voting against confidence.

Eights bills and Organic Law amendements were published in the Clark, of which five passed. Notable bills included:

The Rebalancing Finances Act (Cosa:141P/0C/11A, Senäts: 5P/0C/1A) was proposed by Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC and Senator Eovart Grischun and reduces party registration fees by 50%, to US$10. This fee is payable by each party that wishes to stand for election to the Cosa. The Bill also revises the rules by which additional voluntary fundraising for the needs of the state are conducted, and reinforces the prohibition already included in El Lexhatx against mandatory donations or compulsory taxation.

The Transparency and Protection Bill, (Cosa:60P/81C/11A, Senäts: 3P/2C/1A) proposed by Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, would have simplified the freedom of information procedure already included in El Lexhatx, as well as the controls on the disclosure of personal information on citizens by the government or administration. The Bill passed in the Senäts but was defeated in the Cosa.

The sole amendement voted on, the Mandatory Cosa Lists Act and Amendment (Cosa:84P/33C/35A, Senäts: 2P/3C/1A) proposed by Ian Plätschisch MC and C. Carlüs Xheraltescù MC would have provided for the mandatory publication of seat assignments by party leaders before each election. Currently seats are assigned by party leaders after the election results are known subject to an individual limit on the number of seats any MC can hold. The Amendement failed to receive a majority in the Senäts and was thus defeated.