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Cabinet Crisis: Ministry of Stuff at the centre of coalition controversy

In the ongoing and increasingy testy back-and-forth between FreeDem spokeswoman Senator Miestrâ Schivâ and her various MRPT interlocutors, one striking item of contention appears to be the precise problem the Seneschal and by extenson the FreeDems had with the MRPT’s performance in cabinet: the Ministry of Stuff.

While criticising Senator Lüc da Schir for a more recent lack of activity, which has been acknowledged by the latter, Senator Schivä seems to point to the longer-term decline in the Minister of Stuff’s public activity in Talossa as the more serious problem. Stating that “if cxhn. Pinátsch, for example, had even told the Cabinet [that he was unable to continue] we could have replaced him”, but that while the Seneschal had been privately “vocal” in his criticisms of what he regarded as the MRPT ministers underperformance he had eschewed a confrontation over their replacement to avoid a coalition collapse.

Senator Lüc da Schir, the MRPT leader, denied that the Seneschal had asked him to replace the Minister of Stuff but that his response to such a query would have been “sure, if Sevastain is willing to step back”. The Senator also denied that proportional representation in Cabinet was a significant motivation for his party, as they had not objected to ex-MRPT member Breneir Itravilatx continuing as Foreign Minister, even though it reduced the number of MRPT ministers as a whole. The Minister’s MRPT colleague Glüc da Dhi insisted in response that the Minister had made his difficulties clear and had tried to get additional help with content, but claimed that “elections coming up is a better motivation” for the FDT.

Senator Sevastáin Pinátsch was appointed Minister of Stuff in September 2014 [ETT: Senator Pinátsch is Editor of ETT] According to the Organic Law, the Ministry of Stuff “shall prepare, at the behest of the Cosâ, the Seneschál, or on his own initiative, informative texts about the Kingdom of Talossa”. In practice this has meant being responsible for the Kingdom’s web presence. The Senator has not publicly announced his resignation from the Cabinet at the time of writing, though Senator Schivâ referred to “rumours” that the Minister may be dismissed as a result of the collapse of the coalition.

With respect to the Minister’s level of activity, a series of posts in September 2015 on Wittenberg suggest that the Minister was experiencing some turbulence in his family life. On 22rd September, he apologised for a lack of activity, and claimed that as “life has become considerably more complicated” his Talossan time had been curtailed, and that “most of my recent work to our information platforms has been technical”. In the same thread a day later, citing chldren entering adolescence, more stress at this workplace, and long days, the Minister described sleep as his “most treasured posession”.

In a more detailed post on 30th September, which was presumably a response to the criticism in the press and in the Ziu of the lack of progress on the update of, the Minister explained that no content on had been updated since April of this year, and that in setting up the system he had “hoped to receive much more volunteer relief than I have”, despite “repeated requests for help”. He also stated that he was “unable to do much more than ensure that the website operates properly and securely”.

The Minister also declared that “if I am over-reaching in my hope and expectation, or am simply demonstrating that I am ill-suited to the responsibility of this Ministry, you may request my resignation”. Four individuals with editing rights [ETT: including ETT contributor Inxheneu Crovâ] to the portal responded that they wished to maintain their ability to update, but there was at the time no direct public comment from either the Seneschal or the Distain to the request, or on the Minister’s status.

The Minister, who is also Senator for Atatürk, has regularly requested feedback on each Clark of the 48th Cosa, has attempted to briefly motivate his votes, and has not missed a vote during the entire term, according to the Database. In response to encourgements from a fellow provincial, the Senator stated on 20th December that it been “a busier year for me than last year”, but that he was “budgeting time to read bills thoroughly”.

48th Cosa Budget: Louis, Louis!

(image from

Acting Finance Minister Lüc da Schir has revealed his budget for the 48th Cosa. The first priority, and by far the largest budgeted expenditure item: coinage.

Based on the discussion following an announcement by Progressive leader Owen Edwards prior to the election, the new currency would be a 1″ (25.44mm) coin, which is slightly bigger than a US quarter. The project would be funded via the Indiegogo crowd-fundng site. After this announcement no further details were available, despite some requests to view preliminary designs.

The Minister of Finance’s announcement today provides no further concrete details of the actual physical nature of the coinage that is planned, but reveals an ambitious financial target. The government proposes to mint 5000 1-louis coins with a total face value of 5000 louis (US$7500 at the official exchange rate). The government also proposes to contribute up to 333.20 louis (US$ 500) in additional funding to complete the project. This commitment alone represents 28% of the liquid assets of the Treasury, according to the Burgemeister of Internal Revenue’s latest report. The total cash held by the central fund as of July was 1186.97 Louis (US$1780.45).

Futher details of the budget plan:
Ministry of Stuff: 40 louis (US$60) for a Proboards Pro account to allow for the backup of Wittenberg.
Ministry of Finance: 333.20 louis (US$500) for coinage project; 33.20 louis (US$50) for miscellaneous expenditures.
Ministry of Culture: 53.20 louis (US$80) for production of Talossan language material; 13.20 louis (US$20) for the purchase of prizes for the Siorida Talossa (Miss Talossa) beauty pageant.
Ministry of the Interior: 13.20 louis (US$20) for “adoption” of an Emperor Penguin via the “United for Pengopats” charity.

Minister of Stuff: Sevastáin Pinátsch

S:reu Pinátsch resides in Ontario, Canada. He has been a Talossan since 2014 and is a citizen of the province of Atatûrk. He has been a member of the Ziu since the 47th Cosa, as a Member of the Cosa representing the MRPT, and was then elected as Senator for Atatûrk from the 48th Cosa.
He was appointed Minister of Stuff during the 47th Cosa, when he was responsible for the creation of the portal and the upgrade of the TalossaWiki.
He is also chairman of the Talossan Press Association, and Cüratour of Talossan Citizens Archive (, which hosts numerous media projects, including ETT.