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The Talossan Observer’s Analysis on the January 2014 General Elections

Everyone wants to read it. Everyone asked us to do it. And therefore the Talossan Observer presents...

The Talossan Observer's Analysis on the January 2014 General Elections
An almost un-biased report of the latest GE

a. Nationwide
Well, this isn't much of a surprise anymore: the self-styled "Time's Up Coalition" (MRPT and ZRT) has won a hundred seats in the Cosa (54 the MRPT and 46 the ZRT), which would be just enough to keep a government up during a legislature. With the RPT's four seats, these two parties could build up a Cabinet that would have the majority in the Cosa, a requirement the King counts very seriously (and the OrgLaw too) when it's time to appoint a Seneschal.

The RUMP hasn't actually seen a serious decrease in their number of seats, just two less than the last Cosa. This has been already predicted by myself during a chat, only two hours before the closing of the polls, when I told Glüc da Dhi that "[the RUMP] won't lose many [seats], but a drop of up to five seats is predictable [...]".

Also, for the records, I had nearly nailed even the final results during the same chat: "My best guess would be a close majority of the coalition, kinda like 105-95"

But the number of seats the RUMP took isn't as serious as the fact that, despite still being the majority party, unlike the past Cosa they don't have a coalition partner to form a government with. Sure thing, the King may ask a RUMP member to form a government on his behalf, but they need a coalition partner and the only one possible seems to be the MRPT. Which, having itself the chance of leading a government, perhaps will rather want to group up with the ZRT and maybe the RPT. But after these months of "Time's Up for the current government" slogans it the presence of the RUMP in the next Cabinet is everything but sure.

Kudos to the Acting SoS Furxheir: this election was overally well conducted, and this first semi-secret ballot experiment has worked. Next time, we expect a fully automated online form, but other than that, there's nothing relevant to be changed.

Keep an eye on...
Carlüs Xheraltescu, leader of the ZRT. Even if the ZRT is no longer the leading opposition party, he was the (unofficial) leader of the opposition during the last Cosa, and he's still the most experienced of the 2+1 Party Leaders that lead the Time's Up Coalition.

Glüc da Dhi, leader of the MRPT. As the leader of the biggest party in the Time's Up Coalition, if King John decides not to give another chance to the RUMP, he's likely the one who will receive the call. A politician from long time, despite his experience da Dhi has never held any Ministerial posts neither when he was in the PP, nor after he founded the MRPT in 2011. Until now, it seems.

Mximo Carbonél, leader of the RPT. Now here's the only man that could decide which government will be the next of the Kingdom, except for King John. Carbonél has already led a brief MN-ZPT royalist and conservative government in 2004. When he returned, in 2011, he picked the ZRT, republican and democratic, as his new party, only to leave and found a new one, the LPR/RPT, even more radical and leftist. If he joins the Time's Up Coalition, a reformist government will be formed. But if the RUMP promises him important ministerial posts, would he change his mind again and take part in a conservative cabinet?

Ián Anglatzarâ, former Senator for Fiova. He looks like the obvious candidate if King John prefers to appoint an independent Prime Minister. Anglatzara has the right experience, even in both the KRI Kingdom and in the Republic. He is also unaffiliated with any political party and may seem the right Seneschal to guide a wide coalition.

Txec dal Nordselva, outcoming Seneschal and leader of the RUMP. Even if the Rexhalistaes will probably fail to lead what would have been their ten government in a row (only the PC has done better with sixteen governments in a row), they may still have one last chance. Either way they will probably have to reorganize themselves, starting from Nordselva himself, who has failed to be present enough, since this summer, to keep the government up and working.

Then, let's not forget about some of the prominent Talossans who don't belong to a party anymore: Litz Cjantscheir, Istéfan PerþonestOwen Edwards and Dieter Vercaria have been in Talossa for quite some time, and Cjantscheir has led two governments. While none of them is a serious nonpartisan candidate to the Seneschalsqab, their experience could be an asset for a new government.

The turnout
If we look at the turnout, 55.03%, we can say that it could have been worse. 189 citizens were allowed to vote, just one more than the last election. This compares with 17 newly allowed citizens in the 45th Cosa GE, and a record 48 more citizens in the 44th one.

The turnout, instead, has been shrinking from 76.61% (44th) to 71.81 (45th) to 55.03%, an incredible drop that brings Talossa back to the April 2010 General Election which had an even lower turnout of 51.18%, but with way less people entitled to vote. We have to go back to October 2005 to find a similar turnout, 53.06% with only 49 citizens. That one was also the first election ever challenged by la Mha and Unamind's newly formed Random Unilateral Movement Party, the RUMP.

One of the things that really worries me is how many recent immigrants didn't vote. These people have basically took their citizenship and fled. Some of them looked even interested, in a first moment. Does it mean that immigrating has become too easy? Should the next government make immigration criteria stricter? This is definitely an issue that whichever government will be appointed will have to target and solve.

The results
Now, let's head towards the results themselves.

RUMP - Rexalistaes Uneuxhinds pr'iensa Monarc'ha Perpetul
Seats: 96 - Popular vote percentage: 48.00%

This will likely be remembered as the first election since April 2007's GE that a RUMPer will not be the next Prime Minister. Why that? They have lost just two seats, by the gods.
Well, the RUMP has always achieved an absolute majority of seats from April 2007 to April 2013, which means that Talossan has been ruled by a no-compromises-needed government for six years. Their seats, however, have begun to shrink at the point that the party has lost its monopoly with the 45th Cosa, when a coalition with the INDs has been necessary to keep a RUMPer at the Seneschalsqab. Now, with no coalition partners at the horizon, it seems that the RUMP will have to stay at the opposition for the first time since 2007. Maybe the voters are tired of the same party, which - apart of changing name and candidate every election or so - hasn't really sought to improve itself lately. A good revision of its dirigent class, its candidates and its policies might help to bring the RUMP back at the Seneschalsqab next time.

MRPT - Moderate Radical Party of Talossa
Seats: 54 - Popular vote percentage: 27.00% 

While the RUMP in the future might not want to remember this election, here's a party that has many reasons to do so. The MRPT is truly the party who has gained more with this election. When the RUMP was beginning its slow shrink, the newly formed MRPT collected barely eight seats. This was just the start of an unpredictable growth which saw them getting eighteen seats, then twentyone, then, now, fiftyfour, an incredible achievement for a party which has never been considered one of the "bigs" - and no opposition party has ever hold so much seats since the RUMP vs PP bipolar period around 2009. This is an occasion that da Dhi and da Schir's troops won't have to spoil.

ZRT - Zefençadeirs dal Republicanismeu Talossan
Seats: 46 - Popular vote percentage: 23.00% 

Despite the disappointment for not being the second biggest party anymore, I'm sure the ZRT will surely remember this election as perhaps the greatest moment in the history of Talossa after the Reunision.
They took fourtysix seats, that's two more than their first election. That election, however, was spoiled by the ESB Affaire, so this one means that election wasn't entirely faked.
Then, the ZRT will have the chance of forming a non-RUMPist government, and this party is surely the one who has urged more the need of having an entirely new government.
So yes, Xheraltescu's guys have plenty of reasons to toast to this election as the greatest ever contested in Talossa's history. Now it's up to them to accept the RUMP's invites to cooperate on reforms.

RPT - Republican Party of Talossa
Seats: 4 - Popular vote percentage: 2.00%
The Republican Party is the true loose cannon of this Election. Nobody can predict what Carbonél will do now. He may agree to flank the Time's Up Coalition in exchange for a Cabinet seat. But if the King will give a RUMPer the task to form a government, they will have to pick either the MRPT or the RPT as their coalition partner, or they could try to face the Cosa with a minority government. Anyway, they could offer Carbonél the position of Distain (which the MRPT/ZRT coalition cannot offer him) and/or support for reforms in order to gain his consent and lead another government.

b. Senators
Four Provinces have elected their Senators during this Election, and Vuode's Premier has appointed a new Senator as the previous has resigned.
Tric'hard Carschaleir has been confirmed unopposed (if we don't count a single write-in vote for Istefan Perþonest) to the post of Senator of Benito.
Despite ZRT's Miestra Schiva's victory over Dieter Vercaria by 4-2, a complaint to the Landsdoom has been filed by a citizen (then backed by several others) who lamented that the ProvSoS had not informed everyone about the election. Therefore, this appointment is on a standby.
Pol d'Auribuérg (RUMP) is the new Senator of Florencia, defeating Mximo Carbonél (RPT) by 8-1. He takes now his wife Audrada's former seat.
Dien Tresplet (RUMP) is the new Senator for Maricopa, with a 6-3 victory on Beneditsch Ardpresteir (independent). He will now succeed to Sir Iustì Canun, who has been filling Maricopa's Senate seat for six Cosas in a row.
Although he hasn't been elected, Sir Trotxa Betiñeir has been appointed as the new Senator of Vuode by Premier Eovart Grischun after that the previous Senator, Viteu Marcianüs, resigned his offices and quit Talossa during the Elections.

c. Provincial Assemblies
To close our lengthy analysis, let's take a look at the composition of the provincial assemblies.
The results of Atatürk's House of Commons elections are:
RUMP    9 seats
MRPT    4 seats
ZRT     4 seats
ANP     2 seats
With one more seat to be assigned either to the MRPT or to the ZRT. Martì-Pair Furxheir will manage the ANP's two seats, and both the MRPT and the ZRT have assigned two seats each to Evan Cuntainça and Oïn Ursüm. The nine RUMP seats currently stand unassigned.
Atatürk's next Basbakan will likely be a conservative, perhaps Martì-Pair Furxheir. No Basbakan is currently in office as after Evan Cuntainça's resignations no one has been elected or appointed.
The results of Benito's Legislative Chancellery elections are:
MRPT    10 seats
RUMP    1  seat
Lüc and Erschéveþ da Schir will have five seats each and the single RUMP seat is not assigned yet. With such a MRPTer landslide, Lüc da Schir will likely be confirmed as Maestro of Benito.
The results of Cézembre's L'Etats elections are:
RUMP    7 seats
MRPT    7 seats
ZRT     3 seats
IND     3 seats
Glüc da Dhi gets four seats and Alexandreu Soleiglhfred three of the seven MRPT seats. Ian da Bitour will have six RUMP seats, one is left unassigned for the moment. Moritz Fernaodescu will manage the ZRT's three seats and Litz Cjantscheir will probably hold the IND's seats, perhaps along with Ian Anglatzara.
We have no clues about the possible new Senechal as it's elected by the entire citizenry and not by l'Etats only.
Every Fiovan has the right to take part in the General Assembly's work, no election is therefore required.
Florencia's Nimlet seat division hasn't been done yet.
Every Maricopan has the right to sit in the Cleivi, no election is therefore required.
This is the composition of the Ninth Assembly:
RUMP    3 seats
MRPT    1 seat
Grand General Secretary Alexandreu Davinescu takes two of the three seats of the RUMP, and the other one is taken by Grand Specific Undersecretary Sir Mick Preston. Magniloqueu Epiqeu da Lhiun takes the only MRPT seat.
Every Vuodean can claim a seat in the Estats Xhenerais, no election is therefore required.
These are the citizens that have claimed a seat so far:

  • Eovart Grischun
  • Viteu Marcianüs (he has quit Talossa, so he'll likely not receive his seat)
  • Sir Trotxa Betiñeir

That's the end of the Talossan Observer's Analysis on the January 2014 General Elections. We'll deploy our usual round of interviews shortly. A new article with the MCs for the 46th Cosa and the composition of the new Government will appear here by the end of January.
Stay tuned!

Lüc da Schir

Monarchy Day Honours, 2012/xxxiii

as from the Royal Talossan College of Arms
Abbavilla, Atatürk
24 August 2012/XXXIII

We, JOHN by the Grace God King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk, greet the Kingdom and her citizens and Cestours during this celebration of Our monarchy. On this special day, We are pleased and proud to act on the advice of Our Squirrel King of Arms, his pursuivants, and the other members of the College of Arms to affirm and announce publicly the Royal honours granted to seven worthy citizens of Our Kingdom.

WHEREAS there has come before Us seven honourable and dutiful citizen of Talossa requesting Our favour, which loyal subjects have humbly petitioned that We, by virtue of the Royal power conferred only unto Us, might grant and confer unto them, and their lawful heirs, a coat of arms; and

WHEREAS We derive from Our Royal grace and favour both the commission and the power to confer achievements of arms as a gift from Us, and to issue in such matters a Royal proclamation with the Great Seal of the Kingdom; and

WHEREAS We, in Our innate Royal power and grace, have always been inclined to provide for the subjects of the Kingdom of Talossa and to confer unto Our loyal subjects Royal favours on the feast days of the Kingdom, and

WHEREAS We are particularly inclined toward these citizens, whom We have always found ready in the service of Our Kingdom; now

THEREFORE, with the Royal powers cited above, upon ample consideration, good counsel, and proper knowledge, We have recognized the favours described herein and have conferred upon these citizens that they and their legitimate heirs should hereafter be bearers of these coats of arms, and that they should therefore have these arms as right, as is Our privilege and custom, without leave or hindrance by anyone.

[image] To Valoreu Ardpresteir,
Citizen of Maricopa Province,
We grant the arms
Sable an open book argent
charged with an Om gules and a scale sable in fess,
a chief argent masoned gules.
[image] To Eldsfäts Blasiüs,
Citizen of Benito Province,
We grant the arms
Gules, on a pall argent
a fillet pall dovetailed sable,
in dexter base a double cross
and in sinister base a flaming torch or.
[image] To Suischadna Blasiüs,
Citizen of Benito Province,
We grant the arms
Azure, on a pall argent
a fillet pall dovetailed sable,
in dexter base a double cross
and in sinister base a rose slipped or.
[image] To Aaron Clyburn,
Citizen of Benito Province,
We grant the arms
Quarterly sable and azure
a cross fillet argent.
[image] To Niclau Patíci,
Citizen of Cézembre Province,
We grant the arms
Gyrony of eight gules and argent
in annulo four gouttes d’eau
alternating with four more de larms
upon a chief azure two stags courrant respectant or.
[image] To Üc Tárfâ,
Citizen of Fiova Province,
We grant the arms
Vert in fess
four mullets argent conjoined in cross
and an owl reguardant or,
upon a base triangular argent a cross gules.
[image] To Ian Txaglh,
Citizen of Fiova Province,
We grant the arms
Vert an eagle displayed argent
armed, langued, and collared or
the wing-bones terminating in
eagles’ heads argent respectant.

Given under Our hand Royal at the city of Denver in Colorado, on the Feast of St Bartholomew Apostle and Martyr, which is Monarchy Day, this being the twenty-fourth day of August in the year of salvation 2012, of the independence of Talossa the thirty-third, and of Our reign the sixth.

— John R

Þonörs dal Zuia da Monarchà dallas 2012/XXXIII

come del Coletx Rexhital Talossan d’Armeux
Abbavilla, Atatürk
li 24. Guscht dallas 2012/XXXIII

Noi, IAN, Gräts à Díeu Regeu da Talossa es da thoct sieux Reic’hs es Cuntradas, Regeu da Cézembre, Avötz da Pengöpäts es las Nouas Falklands, Zefençadeir del Feitz, Duceu dallas Forziuns Armeschti, Vice-Regeu da Hoxha es Vicar d’Atatürk, graitent el Regipäts es sieux citaxhiens es Cestours dürant aceasta celevraziun dal monarc’hà Noastra. Sür aceasta feschta special, Noi sint rats es fiis d’actarh sür l’aðviçéu del Noastra Coletx d’Armeux per affirmarh es anonçarh püblicmint els Þonörs Rexhitais qe Noi otorgent perventüra à séifet citaxhiens deneux del Regipäts Noastra.

TANDI QE hi tent venescu avant Üns séifet citaxhiens da Talossa perþonests es plicteschti qi requestent el favour Noastra, es qi tiennent petiziunat qe Noi, in virtù del pevarh Rexhital cunferat solamint à Nhoi, otorgadrent es cunferadrent à lhor, es à sieux sovinds lexhitais, dallas armeux; es

TANDI QE Noi derivent dallas graçù es favour Rexhitais Noschtri embù el sarvoir es el pevarh à cunferarh dallas armeux come dallas cadais da Nhoi, es àð emestarh in tais facendas üna proclamaziun Rexhital avetz el Grült Saxhel del Regipäts; es

TANDI QE Noi, d’osprei el pevarh es la graçù Rexhitais Noschtri, toctziua tiennent estescu clinats àð espunarh els enclins del Regipäts da Talossa es à cunferarh als enclins fieirs Noschtri dels favours Rexhitais sür las feschtas del Regipäts, es

TANDI QE Noi apartì tiennent estescu clinats par acestilor citaxhiens, qi Noi toctziua tiennent trovat àð estarh prepareschti per la serviçù del Regipäts Noastra; nun

PER ACESTILOR RAZIUNS, avetz els pevarhen Rexhitais citats super, pa circümspicença ampal, sfäts ben, es l’adanaziun propra, Noi tiennent reconeiçat els favours zepictats aicì es tiennent cunferat àð acestilor citaxhiens qe os es sieux sovinds lexhitimätsilor estadrent daincets els porteirs d’acestilor Armeux, es qe os tenadrent acestilor Armeux come lor drept, come ça isch la privilexhù es üsonça Noastra, sanc la vía eda l’unfaþilità d’aucün perziun.

[image] À Valoreu Ardpresteir,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Maricopa
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Civlaineu ün glhibreu apnescu erxhent
scharxhat cün ün Om goglhas ün es üna scadaila civlaina in la faschà,
ün cäps erxhent müridat goglhas.
[image] Àð Eldsfäts Blasiüs,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Benito
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Goglhas, pad ün paglheu erxhent
ün fünen paglheu taialat dal colomba civlaineu,
in baseu àl drept ün crusch douaplic
es àl sinistrà üna faglha or.
[image] Àð Suischadna Blasiüs,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Benito
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Azür, pad ün paglheu erxhent
ün fünen paglheu taialat dal colomba civlaineu,
in baseu àl drept ün crusch douaplic
es àl sinistrà üna rösa stemada or.
[image] Àð Aaron Clyburn,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Benito,
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Quaretal civlaineu es azür
ün fünen crutz erxhent.
[image] À Niclau Patíci,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Cézembre
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Xhironesc da vuit goglhasen es erxhents
in anelet qátor glopets dal apa
alternatind cün qátor altreux dals lácrimas
pad ün cäps azür doua evéux coriinds respectinds.
[image] Àð Üc Tárfâ,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Fiova
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Virt in la fascha
qátor triglhas erxhents quaptent in el crutz
es ün ul risguardint or,
pad ün baseu triangalar erxhent ün crutz goglhas.
[image] Àð Ian Txaglh,
Citaxhien da Provinçù Fiova
Noi otorgent els Armeux
Virt, üna aquila zesplegada erxhent
armada, glhimbada, es dal cumba d’or
els osen dals alas terminent dels cäpsilor
dals aquilas erxhents respectinds.

Zonats sub la Noastra mha Rexhital à la Cità da Denver in Colorado, sür la Feschta da Sant Barclamíu Aposal es Martür, qi’st la Ziua dal Monarc’hà, li vaintsch-ceatháirlaiset Guscht dal anneu da salvaziun el 2012-l:t, del treinçe-tierçéu anneu dal independençù da Talossa, es del röin Noastra el sextéu.

— Ian Regeu

Please see the Update on Monarchy Day Honours, 2012/xxxiii for additional details related to this article.