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Miestrâ Schivâ breaks silence, claims RUMP could win “by default”

Former FreeDem party leader Dama Miestrâ Schivâ has broken her self-imposed silence following her retirement from national politics in June.The FreeDem MC was responding to @ElTamlalt‘s latest revelations about the disarray in the TNC. 

Tamás Ónodi, the remaining TNC MC, told ETT that to his knowledge the party did not have any internal discussion forum or mailing list, and that he had no personal insight into the circumstances surrounding the exit of party leader Breneir Itravilatx from the Cosa. This deepens the mystery surrounding the fate of the upstart ModRad splinter group, which enjoyed a surprisingly strong showing in tbe 49th Cosa election before apparently fading away over the Summer.

Dama Miestrâ claimed that this revelation demonstrated that the TNC had “sold a bill of goods” to the electorate, having a “nice manifesto but no structure backing it up”. The then FreeDem leader had in fact clashed with S:reu Itravilatx when already making this point during the election campaign.

She also revealed that she would consider returning to public life if “made a good offer” and if the discourse on Wittenberg did not “anger” her. She also claimed that in contrast to the TNC the FreeDems continued to have a “structure, despite retirement and absences”. She deflected questions on the FreeDem attitude to coalition, stating that it was up to party leader Senator Dien Tresplet to respond.

Cabinet Chief of Staff and Finance Minister Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, also commenting on Twitter, called on Dama Miestrâ and other absent FreeDem leaders to return to activity, claiming that their absence was “bad for everyone” in the country, and that they should continue to play a role even if they were not in power.

Dama Schivâ described this as “hypocritical” and said that the withdrawl of FreeDem leadership was due to the what she claimed was the “win-at-all costs mendacity” of the Crown and the RUMP party. She also claimed that conservative forces could win the election for the 50th Cosa “by default, rulers of a burnt out shell”.

Despite questioning from @ElTamlalt in response to his intervention the Chief of Staff did not offer any statement on the status of S:reu Itravilatx as Foreign Minister. 

The coalition has still not publicly addressed the effective collapse of the junior partner in the alliance, despite the TNC leader nominally continuing to be a member of Cabinet. Senior coalition members have also not responded to questions on the status of the Foreign Ministry’s projects as listed in the Activities Plan issued early in the term.

September Clark: TNC decimated, CCX out of Senäts

Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir has announced that two-thirds of the TNC caucus, including leader and Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx, have forfeited their seats due to missing two consecutive Clark votes. And, while not yet officially confirmed by the Chancery, it would appear Fiova Senator C. Carlüs Xheraltescu had also lost his seat in el Senäts for the same reason.

S:reu Itravilatx, who is also Foreign Minister, created a surprise with the strong performance of his party in the 49th Cosa election. His activity appears however to have dwindled since the election, despite devising an ambitious foreign assistance scheme announced in the government activity plan.  Party colleague Tariq Zubair made an emotional appeal for aid earlier this year claiming threats from Islamist militants and police brutality in his home country of Pakistan.

The apparent loss of S:reu Xheraltescu also complicates further the party rebuilding pledged by FreeDem Acting Leader Senator Dien Tresplet. However in his interview with ETT published this week the FreeDem leader acknowledged that S:reu Xheraltescu had been occupied by extra-Talossan activities of late, so the forfeit of the former Seneschal is not completely unexpected. [ETT: the former Senator is the founder of this publication]

All bills on the Clark passed with token opposition in both houses, including the latest provincial assignments reform, and a previously controversial measure resurrected by ModRad MC Ian Plätschisch, which introduces “flexible” Cosa candidate lists. 

Despite the implosion of one of its constituent partirs, the coalition appears to be in no danger of collapse, and even a redistribution of TNC seats would not significantly change the arithmetic in the Cosa. In the end the government easily survived the Vote of Confidence, 109-38, with only FreeDem and Republican MCs voting contrâ.

FreeDems: Tresplet appointed acting leader, party decision “soon” on 12-month Cosa

Senator Munditenens Tresplet has been appointed Deputy Leader and acting President of the Free Democrats of Talossa. Senator Tresplet, who is also Mençéi (President) of the Senäts, revealed the appointment while speaking to ETT yesterday.

The Senator from Maricopa also stated that he would be seeking a full term of office as leader at the next party convention, “probably first of December”. He stated that he aims to “ramp up activity and put a few bills out there” for the remainder of the Cosa term.Tresplet was briefly leader of the party in 2015, before stepping aside for personal reasons.

The Senator declined to read anything more than a seasonal trend in the markedly reduced activity of his party since the Summer. He admitted that prominent MZs Txec dal Nordselvă and C. Carlüs Xheraltescu were both occupied with extra-Talossan affairs, but that the general membership was still engaged with the party, including recently retired former leader Miestrâ Schivâ.

On the “12-month Cosa” proposal currently under discussion in the Hopper, the Senator describes himself as leaning towards the views of Cezembre Senator Ian Anglatzarâ, who argued that reducing the frequency of elections would be damaging to the vitality of the community. The Senator also stated that sentiment in his party was negative on the proposal, and that he expected the party to take a formal position “soon”.

In a personal capacity, the Senator stated that he was sceptical of proposed reforms to the Royal Talossan Bar, and felt that membership should not be compulsory in order to offer legal representation. He stated however that the FreeDem membership was “evenly split” on the question. He also declared that he personally supported a return to Royal appointment of the Tuischac’h, describing the current system as having created “problem after problem”.

The Mençéi also told ETT that he took issue with our opinion piece on the 12-month Cosa, disagreeing with our suggestion that the Senäts was a more appropriate target for reform than the Cosa. He described the institution as having “an important place in the Ziu”, both as a means of representation for the provinces, and as a repository of experience and tradition.

May Clark: Tresplet breaks FreeDem ranks on Budget

FreeDem Senator Munditenens Tresplet has broken ranks with his party leadership on the 49th Cosa Budget. Declaring that he wished to judge the coalition Budget “on its merits…to see everyone has a fair chance” the Maricopa Senator and ephemeral FreeDem party leader has announced he will vote Për.

This contrasts with the forceful rejection of the Budget by FreeDem party leader Miestrâ Schivâ, who declared that in her view the duty of “HIS MAJESTY’S LOYAL OPPOSITION” was to oppose the fiscal centrepiece of the government. Speaking to ETT deputy leader Dr Txec dal Nordselvă further stated that his party will “oppose the budget and all government bills en masse as any real opposition would do in any other parliamentary system”.

However in his remarks in the Senäts voting thread, Senator Tresplet stated that he disagreed with this reasoning. Claiming not to find “anything necessarily disagreeable” in the bill, the FreeDem Senator declared that while he had “reservations” about the long-term viability of the government’s plans, that was “no reason to oppose the bill”. The Senator also claimed that the then opposition largely voted against the 48th Cosa Budget, but that despite this and the philosophy expressed by the majority of his colleagues, he intebded to vote Për  because “I’m judging this bill based primarily on merits, and my desire to see everyone have a fair chance”‘

There has yet been no public reaction from the FreeDem leadership to the Senator’s initiative, and Dr Nordselvă had not responded to a request for comment at the time of posting. Seneschal Sir Cresti Siervicül stated in the Cosa that he “appreciate[d]” the Senator’s stance on the Budget but that he disagreed with his comments on the RUMP votes on the 48th Cosa Budget, claiming that it was a constitutional issue, and not any blanket opposition to the bill, that led to the contrâ votes cast by himself and his party colleagues.

Speaking to ETT, Senator Tresplet reiterated that “I read the budget, it seemed fine to me, and I voted how I felt”. He also stated that “I don’t believe that it is necessary to vote it down without looking at the bill for its merits..honestly, it’s not like we’re probably ever going to get around to spending this money anyway, so what’s the point?”

The Senator claimed that the FreeDems had not discussed the Budget beyond the question of the propriety of Minister of Finance Sir Alexandreu Davinescu contacting individual MCs on their views on the bill. The Senator declared that he personally had received no such message, however, and that he had not discussed the Budget privately with the RUMP leader.

Senator Tresplet also told ETT that disagreed with the Seneschal’s assessment as to the motives of the RUMP opposition to the 48th Cosa Budget. He declared that “I would wager to say that most of the RUMP-ers who voted against it did so because they were either opposed to having Republicans in government or because they were following the rest of the crowd”.

FreeDem leader calls for action against “lawless” King

In a hard-hitting speech to the Cosa FreeDem leader Dama Miestrâ Schivâ declared that at the moment majority opinion in her party favours a no vote on confidence, on the basis that the incoming coalition is not prepared to take action to “bring the lawless, unaccountable King to heel”.

According to the speech, delivered to the Cosa today, the FreeDem leader took aim at what she described as the “corrupt” relationship between the RUMP and the Crown, and comparing the other coalition parties to the “satellite” parties of the former Eastern Bloc states. The FreeDem leader declared that in her view her party will withhold confidence in the government, despite the calibre of its individual members, until it demonstrates a commitment to reform of the monarchy.

Dama Miestrâ also said that party sentiment was also against 49RZ3, which would reform the method by which the Cosa is dissolved in order to avoid delays in elections due to royal inaction, as occurred before the 49th Cosa election. She said this was due to her party’s decision to oppose any changes to the Organic Law until the Royal Commission has submitted its report, as well as objections to allowing the King to “fail to do his job with no consequences”.

The FreeDem leader has been a harsh critic of the King’s recent comportment in office, notably his ongoing failure to pronounce himself on 48RZ15, an Organic Law amendment  that would curtail the Crown’s ability to block constitutional changes. The so-called 3/4 Majority Amendment was passed with overwhelming majorities in the Ziu and by popular vote, but its legal status is uncertain until the King either proclaims it law, or “explicitly refuses” to do so, thus nullifying it.

Dama Miestrâ also criticised some of the King’s comments in the aftermath if the Canun Case revelations which she claimed were “insulting” to victims of abuse, as well as recent statements with respect to the law on the appointment of the Tuischac’h, which Dama Miestrâ claimed demonstrate a lack of respect for legal norms.

Reacting to the speech, ModRad deputy leader and Minister of STUFF Ian Plätschisch MC rejected the accusation that the government were not serious about reform of the monarchy. He stated that “it is difficult to make reforms when all OrgLaw amendments are considered an attack on the Royal Commission”. He also pointed to the work of government members in the Commission, including Sir Cresti, and the latter’s willingness to further extend its deadline for submission of its report.

FreeDem Assembly weighs options in opposition

The FreeDem party assembly is currently debating the future direction of the party after an election which saw the party’s best result so far but also saw it ejected from government.

Party leader Dama Miestrâ Schivâ has invited party members to join a “free discussion of the recent election” at the official party forum. Her agenda calls for a discussion of the FreeDem strategy in the 49th Cosa election, the post-election negotiations, and the party’s future direction in opposition.

In the discussions so far, party members have generally been positive about the “no coalition” strategy pursued by the party.

Deputy leader Dr Txec dal Nordselvă stated that the “campaign went quite well…the no-coalition demand was a good move”. Royal Archivist GV ascribed the result to “that we were keen to abolish [the monarchy]”, though Fiova Senator C. Carlüs Xheraltescù cautioned in response that in his view the party was not wedded to any particular constitutional order, but to reform in general. Iusti Cornéir stated that while the anti-coalition policy was principled in the short run coalition should not be ruled out in the future, a stance echoed by Senator Xheraltescù. Most contributors agreed however that the traumatic impact of the Canun Case upset most calculations, and that it’s contribution to the result was not clear.

Discussing the failure of the agreement with the RUMP, Dama Miestrâ ascribed the blame to RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, claiming that he had “spiked” the talks, although she acknowledged that she did not have access to the RUMP internal discussions on the matter. Dr dal Nordselvă expressed disappointment at the failure of the talks, regretting the stillborn “unity government that might have helped heal divisions”.

As far as the 49th Cosa is concerned, the “primary objective” for Dama Miestrâ is “accountability for the King”. Indeed the party leader see this as the first of her three priorities in the new Cosa, with an expanded civil service and a “complete revamp” of Wittenberg.

What will undoubtedly be an intense debate on the report of the Royal Commission on Organic Law Reform will be beginning in the next few weeks. The FreeDem leader appears to want to lay out her party’s reformist stall early as the discussions continue the the FreeDem party forum.

49th Cosa Election: FreeDems “ends” government talks, claim impasse

In a press release issued today,  FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ has announced the “end” of FreeDem participation in government talks, claiming that deadlock had been reached in the party’s negotiations with both the ModRads and the RUMP.

The statement claims that a proposed pact between the FreeDems and the RUMP has been rejected by the membership of the latter within the last 24 hours. This follows what the statement claims is the breakdown of talks with the ModRads. The statement claims that the centrist party had previously told the FreeDems that they excluded any agreement that fell short of a formal coalition. The FreeDems campaigned on the basis that they would not enter a formal coalition.

The FreeDem leader complimented the “good faith” of the RUMP negotiators and described herself as “disappointed” by the outcome. She described a coalition of the RUMP, MRPT and TNC as “the only remaining option” for forming a government.

Speaking to ETT, ModRad leader Senator Lüc da Schir declared that he was “glad…that my party is in the position of negotiating by setting its own terms” and that the MRPT has been “100% following our electoral pledges and we’re very proud of that”.

He also stated that his remarks on coalition referred to in the FreeDem statement were not a condition but a suggestion, aimed at encouraging his party members to see the FreeDem offer in a more balanced light. He also confirmed that an offer of coalition had been made by the RUMP, but had not disclosed any further details at the time of writing.

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu could not be reached for comment at the time of writing (early morning in the United States).

49th Cosa Election: FreeDems largest party in Cosa, TNC make breakthrough

The Chancery has published the unverified results of the 49th Cosa Election. After 199 of 200 seats have been provisionally allocated, and contrary to most expectations, the FreeDems have achieved their goal of overtaking the RUMP as the Kingdom’s largest party:

Votes per party
FreeDems: 39 votes (+9)
RUMP: 36 votes (-7)
ModRads: 22 votes (-7)
TNC: 17 votes (NEW)
Progressives: 2 votes (-7)
Republicans: 2 votes (NEW)

Seven citizens voted “present”, down from 9 in the 48th Cosa election. A total of 19 votes were cast for parties unrepresented in the 48th Cosa, compared to 16 for “new” parties in the last election.

Hailing the result as “historic”, FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ invited the leaders of the other non-RUMP parties to contact her, stating “lets set up a government”. The FreeDem pledge to avoid traditional coalition, expand the role of non-political activities in Talossa and to maintain a hard line against royal “tyranny”” appear to have struck a chord with voters. With 66 seats, the FreeDem leader is however considerably short of a parliamentary majority, and will need to make arrangements with at least the ModRads to be assured of a clear majority in the Cosa:

Seats by party (199/200)
FreeDems: 66 (+19)
RUMP: 61 (-7)
ModRads: 37 (-9)
TNC: 29 (NEW)
Progressive: 3 (-11)*
Republican: 3 (NEW)*
* Provisional. Pending allocation of final seat

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu congratulated the FreeDems for their “strong showing”, and also congratulated the TNC for demonstrating that “new parties have a lot to offer Talossa”. Despite a series of ambitious campaign promises and an unsparing critique of what he claimed was the negligence of the coalition throughout its term in office, the RUMP leader appears to have been unable to convince voters that his party was essential to the next government. Critically for the RUMP, this new decline in support means that they have lost the blocking minority in the Cosa that gave them considerable influence in Organic Law matters. Sir Alexandreu also lost his bid to unseat ModRad Epic da Lhiun as Senator for Mariitimi-Maxhestic.

The ModRads, whose dramatic exit from the previous coalition led to considerable mutual recrimination between them and the FreeDems during the campaign, by contrast appear to have paid a price for their Christmas gambit. Having disavowed any ambition to lead the next government early in the campaign, the party appears to have suffered from the successful framing of the race as a Schivâ/Davinescu horse race, as well as competition from the TNC, led by ex-ModRad Breneir Itravilatx.

The TNC created the other surprise of the election, with a total of 17 votes in their first outing. With the “outsider” parties of the 48th Cosa apparently defunct, the TNC may have picked up support from heir now homeless voters. The party may also have profited from the decline in ModRad support, as well as the collapse in votes for the Progs, who were reduced to residual status with only 2 votes after a late start to their campaign.

Another minor party, Colonel Carbonel’s Republican Party, also has a total of two votes,  leaving the Chancery to decide how to allocate the final seat between them.

49th Cosa election: FreeDem leader calls for “massive” yes vote on 3/4 Majority Amendment

FreeDEm leader and Attorney-General Miestrâ Schivâ took to the Witteberg Shoutbox on 14th February to call for a “MASSIVE YES” on the 3/4 Majority Amendment, which is before the voters during the 49th Cosa Election. As Attoney-General Senator Schivâ had led an attempt by the government to have the vote postponed, pending an examination of her appeal of a previous Cort judgement which found that the King’s refusal to proclaim an Organic law amendment was constitutional.

In her petition to the full five-Justice Cort, Senator Schivâ claimed that the Amendment was passed by the Ziu “under false pretences”, given that it was her contention that the asserton of a power to block Organic law amendments was not in fact constitutional. She argued that in the interests of avoiding an unintentional expansion of royal power if the Cort eventually ruled in favour of her petition that the Cort should enjoin the Secretary of State from placing the referendum on the ballot. However in a preliminary judgement delivered by Chief Justice Tamoràn, the Cort dismissed the appeal and declared that the vote could go ahead.

Senator Schvâ thanked the Cort for “much-quicker-than-expected decision”. She later said in the Shoutbox that the Cort ruling was “deeply unsatisfactory” in tha the Cort “refused to touch the question of whether an OrgLaw amendment needed to be proclaimed to be enacted”. However gven that all avenues of appeal had now been exhausted her party was now calling for a “MASSIVE YES” on the amendment, claiing that they had “exhausted all legal avenues to bring the monarchy under control”.

Supported by overwhelming majorities in both houses of the Ziu, the 3/4 Majority Amendment would if approved reduce the absolute power asserted by the King during the Proclamation Crisis to a suspensive veto only, which could be overridden by qualified majorities of the Ziu.

The FreedEm leader also expressed satisfaction at the “slapping down” of attempts by RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu to intervene in the case. The RUMP leader had attempted to join the suit on the grounds that as a member of the Ziu the Cort should grant standing to hm and any other fellow MZ involved in the passage of the amendment. He also alleged impropriety on the part of Cort Justice and FreeDem Deputy Leader Dr Txec dal Nordselvă, claiming that there was an appearance of bias and that the Justice had been engaged in ex parte communications with fellow FreeDem activists.

Both Justice dal Nordselvă and the Attorney-General emphatically denied the allegations, which were based on an inadvertantly public post on the FreeDem Facebook group. A party member, Shadow Talossaware Commissioner Iason Bitxichë Taiwos, asked for advice after receiving a message for Sir Alexandreu asking for his support in the latter’s attempt to gain standing in the Cort case. Justice dal Nordselva advised S:reu Taiwos “not to fall for it”. Dr dal Nordselva argued that this was a political, and not a legal opinion, and insisted that he at no time participated in discussions of the legal implications of the case privately.

ModRad Senator for Maritiimi-Maxhestic Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun, who is being challenged by Sir Alexandreu for his Senate seat, called for an investigaton into the RUMP leader’s conduct, claiming that not only were the allegations unfounded but that it was “conduct unbecoming” of a member of the Bar.  FreeDem Shadow Minister of Stuff Admiral T.M. Asmourscu supported the call, adding that in his opinion Sir Alexndreu had “perjured” himself, and that for the Cort to allow him to present the recusal motion meant that “perhaps the next government ought reconsider its composition to restore dignity to the bench”.

Chief Justice Tamoràn announced however that the Cort had “unanimously” found that Justice dal Nordselva had committed no impropriety. Sir Alexandreu himself expressed disappointment in the ruing, stating that based on the preiliminary judgement “the Cort had legalised ex parte communication”.