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Patrick Woolley exits Cosa following two missed Clarks

HH Patrick Woolley, the Prince of Prospect (heir apparent to the throne) has exited the Cosa after missing two consecutive Clark votes, as announced by Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir in his report on the May Clark. Prince Patrick, who is also a member of the Royal Commission on the Organic Law, had been assigned one seat by the RUMP following the 49th Cosa election.

According to the Organic Law, an MC who misses two consecutive Clark votes is deemed to have vacated his seat. Prince Patrick is the first MC of the 49th Cosa to lose his seats in this fashion. The RUMP has already reassigned the vacant seat to Bradley Holmes, who was himself among 4 MCs holding 31 seats who were stripped of their membership of the 48th Cosa due to inactivity.

Prince Patrick has not made any public statement since the Chancery announced the loss of his seat, and had not responded to a request for comment by ETT at the time of publication. His last posting on Wittenberg was an attempt to vote on the April Clark, to which S:reu Furxheir responded “sorry Parrick, you’re too late”.

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu told ETT that his party hoped the Prince of Prospect “would have time to be more active in Talossa this term”, but that “even though it didn’t work out, we don’t regret it”. He told ETT that he did not know the reason for Prince Patrick’s inactivity.

Distain and ModRad party leader Senator Lüc da Schir told ETT that “I’m sorry to see him go after only two Clarks, although I can’t see I didn’t saw it coming…as far as our Royal House is concerned this is really nothing new under the sun, so to speak”. The ModRad leader told ETT that “the House of Lupul has been going downhill for quite some time now”, and that this recent incident did not help the public perception of the monarchy.

The Distain also claimed that it was the already limited presence of Prince Patrick  in Talossan affairs that led his party to oppose the latter’s nomination to a government post in March. The ModRad leader declined to state which post was involved.  When asked about this claim,  Sir Alexandreu Davinescu told ETT that “I don’t want to talk about discussions on any particular person” and that the government “worked really hard to find possible candidates for a number of positions”. He did declare that he “was happy with the great work we’re doing” with the team that was finally recruited.

FreeDem deputy leader Dr Txec dal Nordselvă told ETT that “frankly, I’m not surprised at all to hear that Prince Patrick is out of the Cosa after having failed to vote” and declared that “it is obvious that the Prince is either too busy with non-Talossa life or he is like his father in that he only gets involved when it is important to him”. The FreeDem MC claimed that “the royal family never do anything for Talossa”, and that the Prince “should resign [from the RCOR] as he is not active”.

When asked for his reaction to the latter point, Senator da Schir stated that he agreed that the Prince should resign from the RCOR, although he stated that it was “not because he’s Patrick — as a matter of principle, any appointed/elected official with no time to do his job should step aside.” Sir Alexandreu however declined to comment on the affairs of the RCOR, on the grounds that he was not a member of the Commission himself.

The Commission itself has become increasingly controversial in recent days, with FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ repeating accusations that the RUMP had sabotaged its operations, and the Seneschal declaring that he was planning on prioritising projects with more potential for success.

Coalition: Full text of statement

After open and free dialogue among many parties, the RUMP, the Moderate Radicals, and the Talossan National Congress have agreed to form a Government as a coalition, committing to support as Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan the well-known and well-respected Sir Cresti Siervicül, UrN. The coalition Government will be committed to active and competent governance for all Talossans and upon a program of action for provincial reform, partisan reform, electoral reform, and monarchy reform

49th Cosa Election: Davinescu says caretaker PM “won’t be necessary”

Responding to a query from the Chancery, RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu has declared that he believes a new government will be formed before 1st April, and that the appointment of a caretaker Seneschal “will not be necessary”.

Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir publicly expressed concern as to whether the first Clark of the new Cosa could proceed in the absence of a government. According to the Organic Law, the King has one month from the end of the elections to appoint a Seneschal, or the Cosa is dissolved.

The uncertainty follows the end of talks between the FreeDems and RUMP on a government pact. According to FreeDem leader Miesteâ Schivâ, an agreement had been reached by negotiators but was rejected by a vote of RUMP party members. Citing the earlier breakdown of talks with the ModRads, the FreeDems have renounced any further attempt to form a government, claiming that a RUMP led coalition is now “the only remaining option”.

Sir Alexandreu told ETT yesterday that his party and the FreeDems had “engaged in extended negotiations”. He declined to be drawn on the details, claiming that negotiations needed to be conducted in a “private and safe space”. He did however say that while “working in good faith” the two parties could not “bridge the gap”, but that his party “looked forward to working with the Free Democrats in the 49th Cosa and in the future”.

49th Cosa Election: FreeDems “ends” government talks, claim impasse

In a press release issued today,  FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ has announced the “end” of FreeDem participation in government talks, claiming that deadlock had been reached in the party’s negotiations with both the ModRads and the RUMP.

The statement claims that a proposed pact between the FreeDems and the RUMP has been rejected by the membership of the latter within the last 24 hours. This follows what the statement claims is the breakdown of talks with the ModRads. The statement claims that the centrist party had previously told the FreeDems that they excluded any agreement that fell short of a formal coalition. The FreeDems campaigned on the basis that they would not enter a formal coalition.

The FreeDem leader complimented the “good faith” of the RUMP negotiators and described herself as “disappointed” by the outcome. She described a coalition of the RUMP, MRPT and TNC as “the only remaining option” for forming a government.

Speaking to ETT, ModRad leader Senator Lüc da Schir declared that he was “glad…that my party is in the position of negotiating by setting its own terms” and that the MRPT has been “100% following our electoral pledges and we’re very proud of that”.

He also stated that his remarks on coalition referred to in the FreeDem statement were not a condition but a suggestion, aimed at encouraging his party members to see the FreeDem offer in a more balanced light. He also confirmed that an offer of coalition had been made by the RUMP, but had not disclosed any further details at the time of writing.

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu could not be reached for comment at the time of writing (early morning in the United States).

Florencià Senator renounces, blames Reunison

Florencià Senator Pôl d’Aurìbuérg has announced that he and his wife Audradâ have decided to renounce their citizenship.

S:reu d’Aurìbuérg stated that the health issues of their two young children have reduced their free time. He also claimed that “since reunision this country taken a turn for the worse, and that is not something we wish to expose our children to.” The Chancery has acted on the declaration from the now former Senator, though D:na d’Aurìbuérg has yet to personally confirm her renunciation as required by the law.

According to TalossaWiki, Pôl d’Aurìbuérg became a Talossan in 2011, with Audradâ d’Aurìbuérg following suit a year later. Both have served as Senator for Florencià, with D:na d’Aurìbuérg serving during the 44th and 45th Cosas, before being succeeded by her husband from the 46th Cosa. D:na d’Aurìbuérg is also a long-time Governor of the province.

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu declared that he was “sorry” to see his party colleague renounce. The RUMP leader declared that he agreed that “things have gotten rough” politically but that he disagreed “sharply” with the former Senator’s opinion on Reunison, which he stated was “a good thing”.

Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir criticised the reference to Reunison, sarcastically delivering an apology “from all of the people from the Republic of Talossa who ruined your little fantasy of having a country where everyone gets along”. Senator Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun also implied that the couple’s decision was related to the RUMP’s decline in support since Reunison.

According to the Organic Law, when a Senäts seat becomes vacant “the executive of the province shall appoint a Senator to sit until the next General Election”. If the executive, who in this case is Governor Audradâ d’Aurìbuérg,  fails to make an appointment within two weeks then the King or Cunstaval does so instead.

Florencià was not due to elect a Senator until the 51st Cosa election. The outgoing provincial legislature, the Nimlet, is controlled 11 seats to 1 by the RUMP (including the ex-officio seats held by the Governor and the Senator). In the most recent provincial election, held concurrently with the 49th Cosa election, RUMP dominance was confirmed, with the party winning 80% of the votes cast.

49th Cosa Election: FreeDems largest party in Cosa, TNC make breakthrough

The Chancery has published the unverified results of the 49th Cosa Election. After 199 of 200 seats have been provisionally allocated, and contrary to most expectations, the FreeDems have achieved their goal of overtaking the RUMP as the Kingdom’s largest party:

Votes per party
FreeDems: 39 votes (+9)
RUMP: 36 votes (-7)
ModRads: 22 votes (-7)
TNC: 17 votes (NEW)
Progressives: 2 votes (-7)
Republicans: 2 votes (NEW)

Seven citizens voted “present”, down from 9 in the 48th Cosa election. A total of 19 votes were cast for parties unrepresented in the 48th Cosa, compared to 16 for “new” parties in the last election.

Hailing the result as “historic”, FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ invited the leaders of the other non-RUMP parties to contact her, stating “lets set up a government”. The FreeDem pledge to avoid traditional coalition, expand the role of non-political activities in Talossa and to maintain a hard line against royal “tyranny”” appear to have struck a chord with voters. With 66 seats, the FreeDem leader is however considerably short of a parliamentary majority, and will need to make arrangements with at least the ModRads to be assured of a clear majority in the Cosa:

Seats by party (199/200)
FreeDems: 66 (+19)
RUMP: 61 (-7)
ModRads: 37 (-9)
TNC: 29 (NEW)
Progressive: 3 (-11)*
Republican: 3 (NEW)*
* Provisional. Pending allocation of final seat

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu congratulated the FreeDems for their “strong showing”, and also congratulated the TNC for demonstrating that “new parties have a lot to offer Talossa”. Despite a series of ambitious campaign promises and an unsparing critique of what he claimed was the negligence of the coalition throughout its term in office, the RUMP leader appears to have been unable to convince voters that his party was essential to the next government. Critically for the RUMP, this new decline in support means that they have lost the blocking minority in the Cosa that gave them considerable influence in Organic Law matters. Sir Alexandreu also lost his bid to unseat ModRad Epic da Lhiun as Senator for Mariitimi-Maxhestic.

The ModRads, whose dramatic exit from the previous coalition led to considerable mutual recrimination between them and the FreeDems during the campaign, by contrast appear to have paid a price for their Christmas gambit. Having disavowed any ambition to lead the next government early in the campaign, the party appears to have suffered from the successful framing of the race as a Schivâ/Davinescu horse race, as well as competition from the TNC, led by ex-ModRad Breneir Itravilatx.

The TNC created the other surprise of the election, with a total of 17 votes in their first outing. With the “outsider” parties of the 48th Cosa apparently defunct, the TNC may have picked up support from heir now homeless voters. The party may also have profited from the decline in ModRad support, as well as the collapse in votes for the Progs, who were reduced to residual status with only 2 votes after a late start to their campaign.

Another minor party, Colonel Carbonel’s Republican Party, also has a total of two votes,  leaving the Chancery to decide how to allocate the final seat between them.

49th Cosa Election: RUMP candidate revealed to be convicted felon

It has been revealed that Sir Iusti Carlüs Canun, a former Secretary of State and RUMP MZ, is currently serving a 25-year sentence in the United States for sexual offences.

Sir Iusti was listed in the RUMP candidate list for the 49th Cosa, one of a number of persons on the list whose presence other parties had questioned, owing to their limited or complete non-participation in public affairs.

In reply to a query by ModRad activist Güc da Dhi RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu stated that if inactive citizens, citing Sir Iusti as an example, were to return he would “want to give them a few seats and get them interested and involved…it is absolutely in the best interests of our party…and our nation”.

The RUMP leader had previously  expressed regret at the prolonged absence of Sir Iusti. In January 2016 on the RUMP party forum’s public section, he stated that Sir Iusti “dropped off the face of the earth one day, it seems like…Several times since, I’ve reached out, but haven’t heard anything.” He described Sir Iusti’s inclusion in the RUMP member list as “an act of faith”.

Sir Iusti was a prominent public figure in the Kingdom. According to TalossaWiki, he was Senator for Maricopa from August 2009-May 2013, and was Secretary of State from June 2010 until November 2013. He also served as Seneschal during the 40th Cosa.

He announced in November 2013 that he was going “on hiatus”, for what he described on Wittenberg as “reasons beyond his control”. He later announced his formal resignation from the office in February 2014, stating that “it has come to my attention that I may be gone for some time”. According to Wittenberg records, his username was last used on 19th March 2015.

Based on the information relating to the case available online, these dates correspond to his commital to the prison system and to the date on which his sentence began. (Screenshot below: note that identifying information has been redacted)


Within the last 24 hours a source told ETT that Sir Cresti Siervicul, a senior RUMP party member, had revealed to a former party colleague that Sir Iusti had been sentenced to prison for child pornography and sexual assault on a minor.

When asked by ETT, Sir Cresti confirmed that he had learned of the issue via a Google search of the Sir Iusti’s full name. He claimed that he had not shared the information with anyone besides the ex-RUMP member, including Sir Alexandreu, and indeed claimed that the ex-RUMP member he had spoken to had asked him to keep the information confidential.

Earlier today FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ, asking if the members of the RUMP list were “fit and proper”, revealed on Wittenberg (without naming Sir Iusti) that one of the individuals on the list was serving a prison sentence. She claimed that the issue was that the RUMP leadership had shown poor judgement in not vetting their candidates.

This prompted an emotional reply from Sir Alexandreu, who insisted he was unaware of the situation, and claimed that the FreeDem leader was publicising the matter “in the hope of scoring some points” in a “vile” manner.

FreeDem Shadow Minister of Stuff Admiral T.M. Asmourescu, who is a notable critic of the RUMP leader, described himself as “appalled and disgusted” at the news, and expressed concern at the risk to the reputation of teaching and child care professionals involved in Talossa due to their association with Sir Iusti in various public records. He claimed that the RUMP owed the nation an “apology” for failing to notify them of the issue.

In the last few minutes Vuode Senator and RUMP member Éovart Grischun urged calm and suggested that public comments should be minimised to avoid adverse publicity for the Kingdom. He stated that the RUMP were discussing the matter internally and that he believed “a formal response to these revelations is forthcoming”.

All-party Debate: Closing Statements

Closing the debate for the FreeDems, Miestrâ Schivâ claimed that in voting for the her party one would be voting for an “active and competent government” and a committed Seneschal. A FreeDem government would have a reform agenda, stating that the “King needs to be brought under control”, and that reform of the judiciary and Chancery would also be priorities. She also reaffirmed her party’s commitment to promoting a “non-political” Talossa.

She stated that despite her fatigue at what she described as a culture of personal denigration in politics she would carry on to “get the job done”. She declared that if elected she would not serve more than one term as Seneschal, and was actively considering leaving politics altogether, but not until she had achieved her aims in government and “prepared her successors”.

TNC leader Breneir Itravilatx declared that the major issues facing the country are now known, but that the question for voters now is which party can lead the process of reform.  These issues are in his view reform of the monarchy and of the functioning of government,  and the opening up of greater cultural opportunities to all citizens.

He declared that the TNC was ready to work with other parties to implement its platform, which he described as “not a list of promises but as a list of solutions”.

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu declared that his party was “ready to work for you”, and that after three terms in opposition his party was prepared for government, and that it was the only party that had made itself accountable for delivering on its promises. Claiming that his party had “plans” and sufficient “talent” to lead the government, he also declared that his party was “ready to lead” and was “willing to work with others” in the Ziu.

The RUMP leader claimed that while they had positive aspects to their leadership and programmes, both the FreeDems and the ModRads had been ill-prepared and ineffective in government, and that as a new party the TNC had no record. He declared that only his party could “get Talossa moving again”.

ModRad leader Senator Lüc da Schir claimed that support for his party was “a vote for liberalism and progressivism”. He denied that a vote for the MRPT was a “spoilt vote”, declaring that his party would have “considerable leverage” over the next government, and that without the “centrist alternative offered by the MRPT the Ziu would become a “pit of political hatred”.

He cited reform of the monarchy and of geographic assignment, as well as the promotion of non-political cultural endeavours, as the top priorities of his party. . He also stated that “legislatively speaking” his party had a number of achievements to its credit,  and that it was able to find compromise with other parties. He pointed to the reform of foreign affairs policy as an example of these achievements.

Closing the debate, co-moderator Marti-Pair Furxheir thanked the participants, and stated that he looked forward to his next opportunity to organise the debates. He also intimated humorously that delicious, delicious pastries would be a welcome reward for his efforts, if anyone was so minded.

All-party Debate: Rebuttals and a clash over rules

Debate moderator Marti-Pair Furxheir announced on 1st February an opportunity for rebuttal. S:reu Furxheir stated that “each party will get to rebut ONE answer from ONE question, from ONE party”, and that participants should “choose wisely”.

The rebuttal order was announced as MRPT, RUMP, TNC and FreeDems, with closing statements to follow in reverse order. The TNC ultimately waived their right to rebuttal.

ModRad leader Senator Lüc da Schir chose to address the response of RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu to the fourth question of the debate, relating to constitutional reform.

He expressed scepticism at the RUMP leaders commitment to reform along the lines of the 3/4 Majority Amendment, emphasising again the role of ModRad MZs in its passage.

He insisted on the monarchism of his party, but that it supported reforms to ensure the King “did not forget where his power came from” and challenged the RUMP leader to state whether he could expect ModRad support while being unwilling to specify the reforms he had in mind.

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, claiming that Senator da Schir had gone beyond a rebuttal in his remarks, requested the opportunity to respond directly to the ModRad leader, outside of the rebuttal rules.

This was after some hesitation ultimately denied by S:reu Furxheir, with Society President Dr Txec dal Nordselvă publicly disagreeing with any change, while insisting that he did not wish to impose his view on S:reu Furxheir. Sir Alexandreu stated in a comment to ETT that “it wasn’t ideal” that Dr dal Nordselvă intervened, as he is deputy leader of the FreeDems.

Claiming that he felt obligated to respond to the ModRad leader’s challenge, Sir Alexandreu stated that in his opinion the Proclamation Crisis showed the “dangers” of royal power, even if he insisted on the positive legacy of monarchy in Talossa.

He rejected what he called the mischaracterisation of his party’s position on the issue, which he defined as support for prudent reform of the institution of monarchy, but “stalwart” opposition to republicanism, or to any attempt to make the monarchy a purely ceremonial office. He stated that whom the MRPT chose to support was their affair, declaring that the party wished to continue to “find solutions that everyone can support”.

With TNC leader Breneir Itravilatx finally having declined his opportunity for rebuttal on 4th February, FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ chose to address the RUMP leader’s response to the fifth question of the debate, relating to the RUMP’s ability to form an active government.

Claiming that Sir Alexandreu’s response was “disingenuous”, the FreeDem leader claimed that in what she claimed was the absence of a truly active RUMP team, a vote for the party was a “blank cheque” to the RUMP leader, and that certain members of the RUMP were “only interested in Talossa if the RUMP are in control”. She contrasted this with the “active and competent” government team she claimed the FreeDems had assembled.

She also claimed the TNC were a “one-man band” despite the protestations of its leader, and that the ModRads “have a team” but claimed that their recent record in government left doubts as to their capacity.

49th Cosa Election: ModRads announce party list, following FreeDems and TNC

ModRad  Party Whip Ian Plätschisch has announced the MRPT Cosa candidate list for the 49th Cosa election. Party members volunteer for a place on the list, and the entire membership ratifies each candidacy, though apparently candidates may also be added by acclamation subsequently.

In place “no. 11” of the list is outgoing Senator for Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun. The party traditionally reserves this place for Senate candidates in contested elections. Senator da Lhiun faces RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu in this year’s only contested Senate race so far. S:reu Platschisch confirmed to ETT that the ModRads will divide the total Cosa seats equally among their candidates.

According to Talossa’s electoral law, parties are not required to present formal lists of candidates as in other party list proportional representation systems. Instead each party leader may assign their party’s shares of the Cosa’s 200 seats at their discretion, with a maximum of “10 times the number of seats in the Cosa, divided by the numbers of ballots cast for the Cosa in the most recent General Election, rounded up to the next integer” allowed for each individual. This may be done at any time before the voting on the first Clark, begins and need not be announced in advance of the election. Vacant seats are filled by royal appointment, on the nomination of the party leader.

Reform of this system has been a long-time policy goal of both ModRad and FreeDem parties, with the RUMP opposed to reducing the freedom of the parties to allocate their seats as they see fit. However the parties have adopted their own internal rules to determine the seat allocations.

Both the FreeDems and the TNC have also presented candidate lists. The FreeDems have adopted a weighted list, where the top five candidates of the party (the “A team”) will be allocated 15 seats each, and the remaining five would get 5 seats each, with any surplus divided equally among the candidates. According to party leader Miestrâ Schivâ, this system was adopted in preference to an equal division as the latter was “not feasible due to the different abilities of various candidates to commit”.

The TNC announced a three-person candidate list after a lively controversy over whether it was a “one-man party” or not. The announcement does not indicate the precise allocation of its Cosa seats, but may follow the ModRad practice of equal division. (ETT was unable to reach TNC leader Breneir Itravilatx for comment before publication).

RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davibescu MC told ETT that the “Team” mentioned in the RUMP’s election advertising “would be our Cosa list”. He stated that the RUMP also weighs seat allocations “giving the lion’s share to proven MCs… New MCs are given a much smaller share.”