Adopt a Penguin

For only $15 USD, or just $1.25 a month, you can adopt (symbolically of course, but you probably already knew that) a Talossan Emperor Penguin in need.

You will receive an adoption kit in the mail, containing your very own stuffed penguin (a plush one, that is), certificate of adoption, an Emperor Penguin postcard, and your United for Péngöpäts membership card. You will also receive, by email, quarterly updates from UfP with more information about our fundraising efforts for the previous quarter, along with a round-up of interesting Antarctic news brought to you by our friends at the PéngöTimes.

The net proceeds from your $15 donation will go to support conservation or preservation efforts in and around Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. You can help your $15 donation go even further by choosing “You Pay Shipping” below and covering the cost of postage for your adoption kit for only $2 more. You may also choose to forgo receiving an adoption kit altogether, and instead receive your adoption certificate and membership card by email (choose “Digital Adoption Only”).

Adoptions also make a great gift for your dandelions! Please note that the adoption is a gift when you checkout, and the membership certificate and card will be personalized in the name of your recipient.

NOTE: For those adopting outside of the United States, you must choose either “International Shipping” or “Digital Adoption”. International shipping is set at a flat $10 USD, regardless of the country shipped to.

Shipping Fees
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Aren’t looking to adopt, but still want to donate or help in another way? No problem! Click here for more information.

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