For far too long, the coldest of our population has been neglected and far out of touch with the rest of the Kingdom. But not anymore, as today, Talossans stand United for Péngöpäts!

About Us

United for Péngöpäts is a member supported non-profit dedicated to supporting charities whose purposes include the preservation, conservation, or scientific exploration of Marie Byrd Land.

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Adopt a Penguin!

For just $15, or $1.25 a month, you can symbolically adopt a Talossan Emperor Penguin. You will receive a penguin plush, certificate of adoption, and a postcard with a picture of your very own emperor penguin. All proceeds go to support the delicate ecosystem of Marie Byrd Land and its surrounding area.

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More Ways to Help

Don't wish to adopt or can't donate at this time? No problem. There are several other ways to support our Talossan brethren in the frozen territory! Click here to find out.

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