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BHAID: 118$ for UNICEF, Administrator steps down

Françal Ian Lux MC has publised the BHAID Act of 2015, which if passed by the Ziu will authorise the Kingdom’s Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and International Development to donate the proceeds of the recently concluded BHAID appeal to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). As reported in ETT this weekend, US$130 was raised in donations. After processing fees the amount available for the donation is US$118.17. [ETT: Inxheneu Crovâ donated $50 to the appeal]

According to its official website UNICEF was founded in December 1946 to provide aid to children displaced by the Second World War. In 1953 its mission was made perpetual, and in 1965 it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The organsation is active in 192 countries working to promote the health, nutrition and education of children.

S:reu Lux’s legislation states that the Governors of BHAID decided to support UNICEF due to its work with refugees from the civil war in Syria. UNICEF is seeking to raise US$624 million in funding for 2015 alone to support its efforts to help children and their families displaced by the conflict.

The proposal was welcomed by RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, who described the organisation as “highly-rated by most charity auditors” and that it “seems like a good choice”. He also congratulated BHAID on “a good job”. Ian Plätschisch MC, a Governor of BHAID along with S:reu Lux, has requested to be added as a co-sponsor of the Bill.

BHAID is supervised by a Board of Governors, including an Administrator. It was announced yesterday that the incumbent Administrator Dr. Prithi Singh Ravish would no be continuing in the role. The reasons for the resignation are not clear but Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx stated that Dr Ravish’s resignation had “something to do with Talossans not being recognized in the international arena”. The Minister further announced that he would be assuming the role of Administrator temporarily until a replacement can be found.