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Treasury: BHAID donation authorised in May now paid

Burgermeister of Internal Revenue Istefan Perþonest has announced that donations of US$192.56 to development charity GiveDirectly and 20$ to IFES, an international election monitoring organisation, have been paid.

The donations, which had been authorised by the Ziu in May of this year, were still outstanding at the time of the publication of the latest Treasury Financial Update, as reported by ETT.

It is not clear at the time of writing whether the Burgermeister is expected to act on the passage of an appropriation by the Ziu, or if he is required to receive an order from the Ministry of Finance before acting. The Burgermeister told ETT today that he made the payments based on “the formal request from the Minister of Finance for such a disbursement”.

The expenditure reduces the balance on the Treasury account to US$ 1989.81, a net increase of $87.12 on the balance in November 2015.

Talossa Aid: Beric’ht promises Molinar revelations, $192 for BHAID

Beric’ht Talossan editor Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC has announced that following BT’s investigation into the collapse of Talossa AID (TAID) US$192.56 has been recovered from the accounts of the defunct charity and has been donated to BHAID. Sir Alexandreu claims that “we have almost the complete story behind TAID at this point — how it began, who donated and how much, and how it ended”.

[ETT: Inxheneu Crovâ was appointed Administrator of BHAID on 27th November 2015]

Promising that “revelation has piled upon revelation” in the next issue of BT, which is due after the US Thanksgiving holiday, Sir Alexandreu stated that the newspaper has been able to contact S:reu Flip Molinar, who acted as financial trustee of Talossa AID, and was a founding director. Sir Alexandreu also claims that BT now has “managed to get the full records for the accounts, including all donations and expenditures”. This will resolve one striking anomaly in the available financial records already pointed out by ETT, where the cash balance appears to have been substantially understated, based on the income and expenditures reported.

A revised Financial Update by Burgermesiter of Internal Revenue Istefan Perþonest confirms that US$192.56 has been received from Molinar. As pointed out by Sir Alexandreu, these funds more than double the amount available to BHAID for its work.

Talossa AID, which managed to raise over US$700 during its existence in support of various human rights and international aid causes, appears to have collapsed completely following the renunciation of founding Board Convenor S:reu Istefan Lorentzescu in 2012. In announcing his renunciation S:reu Lorentzescu “left” Talossa AID to Flip Molinar, who had been responsible for financial matters since the organsations formation. Molinar appears to have become inactive in the organisation by 2011, having failed to vote in an attempt by Lorentzescu to wind up the charity.

While the contribution to BHAID made by Molinar was welcomed by Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx, he questioned the lack of notice of the transfer, stating that he was uncomfortble with the Bureau being “involved in the Talossa AID mess”. Sir Alexandreu responded that he “likes to get things done”, and that he was “really glad to be able to help out those people who donated to TAID but whose money was just sitting there for years (!!), and now that money can be passed on to people who need it”. 

Sir Alexandreu was a notable critic of BHAID at the time of its establishment, predicting in his comments on the organisation’s founding legislation that it would be an “embarrassing failure“. He has also criticised the governors of BHAID in the columns of the latest issue of BT for an apparent lack of enthusiasm for donating to the latest fundraising drive themselves, stating that “some of the officials involved in the drive will now decide how to spend odd state of affairs”.

BHAID: 118$ for UNICEF, Administrator steps down

Françal Ian Lux MC has publised the BHAID Act of 2015, which if passed by the Ziu will authorise the Kingdom’s Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and International Development to donate the proceeds of the recently concluded BHAID appeal to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). As reported in ETT this weekend, US$130 was raised in donations. After processing fees the amount available for the donation is US$118.17. [ETT: Inxheneu Crovâ donated $50 to the appeal]

According to its official website UNICEF was founded in December 1946 to provide aid to children displaced by the Second World War. In 1953 its mission was made perpetual, and in 1965 it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The organsation is active in 192 countries working to promote the health, nutrition and education of children.

S:reu Lux’s legislation states that the Governors of BHAID decided to support UNICEF due to its work with refugees from the civil war in Syria. UNICEF is seeking to raise US$624 million in funding for 2015 alone to support its efforts to help children and their families displaced by the conflict.

The proposal was welcomed by RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, who described the organisation as “highly-rated by most charity auditors” and that it “seems like a good choice”. He also congratulated BHAID on “a good job”. Ian Plätschisch MC, a Governor of BHAID along with S:reu Lux, has requested to be added as a co-sponsor of the Bill.

BHAID is supervised by a Board of Governors, including an Administrator. It was announced yesterday that the incumbent Administrator Dr. Prithi Singh Ravish would no be continuing in the role. The reasons for the resignation are not clear but Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx stated that Dr Ravish’s resignation had “something to do with Talossans not being recognized in the international arena”. The Minister further announced that he would be assuming the role of Administrator temporarily until a replacement can be found.

BHAID fundraising closed, US$ 130 raised

Foreign Affairs Minister Breneir Itravilatx announced that the first fundraising round for the Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and International Development has come to an end. According to the latest financial disclosures by the Bureau, a total of US$130 has been raised from five individual donors. This is 26% of the US$500 target initially set at the time of the fundraising launch. [ETT: Inxheneu Crovâ contributed a $50 donation to BHAID]

The Minister further announced that Justice Owen Edwards MC would be joing the Board of Governors of BHAID as Royal Representative, replcing Socialist Party leader Gaglhen Fortaleça MC. Justice Edwards joins Ian Plätschisch MC, Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish (who is also Administrator of the Bureau), Françal Ian Lux MC and Éovart Xhorxh MC on the Board. The Governors supervise the work of the Dr Singh, and assess funding proposals, subject to ratification by the Ziu.

BHAID projects will support “disaster and poverty relief and other forms of humanitarian assistance, emergency response and the promotion of efforts towards socioeconomic development”.

Itravilatx speaks to ETT on Beric’ht Talossa AID report

An article in the latest issue of Beric’ht Talossan has revealed that funds raised by Talossa AID, a private organisation created in 2009 by a group including the Foreign Affairs Minister Breneir Itravilatx MC, have been unaccounted for since 2011. BT also noted the “similarity” between the newly established Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and Interntional Development and Talossa AID, as well as the responsibility exercise by the Forign Affairs Minister over both organisations.

Reporting on the launch of BHAID for BT, Sir Alexandreu Davinescu notes that Talossa AID was “successful in many respects, raising hundreds of louise”, and that its last published financial statement showed a balance of L122.40 (approximately US$182). However no further statements have since been published leaving the final destination of these residual funds unexplained. According to BT these funds would be “presumably held by Ministreu Iravilatx”.

In an exchange in the Wittenberg Shoutbox, S:reu Itravilatx encouraged Sir Alexandreu “to make sure you get the whole [TalossaAID] story. I am as curious as you are”. Sir Alexandreu pledged “to follow the truth wherever it leads”. The BT publisher further stated that as the Minister responsible for BHAID was a board member of TalossaAID, where “hundreds of louise…are missing” that “it seems a wee bit like a public service to investigate.”

Speaking to ETT, S:reu Itravilatx stated that while he was a board member of TalossaAID in 2011, he was inactive with respect to Talossan affairs in the period in question “due to family issues”. S:reu Itravilatx also told ETT that “the chief financial officer duties were shared by Istefan Pethonest (Convenor) and Flip Molinar (Budget Officer)”. He also stated that on receiving questions from the BT publisher he had informed Sir Alexandreu that he should refer inquiries about financial matters to S:reus Pethonest and Molinar, as they “were more active in the organization’s existence than me.”

While acknowledging that “it is important to figure out” if any residual funds remain from Talossa AID’s operations, the Minister told ETT that he felt that “this [the BT allegations] is an effort to discredit the new BHAID by sowing uncertainty as to the maintenance of contributions.” While it was not referred to in the BT article, Sir Alexandreu Davinescu, in his other role as an MC and RUMP party leader, opposed the BHAID bill and declared in the Ziu that he expected it to be “an embarrassing failure.”

The Minister also stated to ETT that “BHAID is governed by the Administrator and his/her Board of Directors. The Board decides organizations to fund, then funding decisions are submitted to the Ziu for approval. Also, the Administrator is required to make information concerning funding, monies available and internal processes accessible to the public via the BHAID website”.

A review of the Wittenberg record appears to bear out the Minister’s description of his connection with Talossa AID. S:reu Itravilatx was reported as being re-appointed to the board of TalossaAID on 17th January 2011, under his then name, Breneir Tzaracomprada. He was joined on the board at this time by a certain Istefan Lorentzescu and by Flip Molinar, listed as Convenor and Financial Trustee respectively. These three individuals were founder members of Talossa AID and were associated with the original Progressive Party and its successor organisations.

S:reu Lorentzescu later resigned his official posts in the Kingdom, including his role in Talossa AID, as a prelude to an eventual and it seems broadly lamented renunciation in March 2012. In his public announcement, he declared that he left “Flip Molinar as the only remaining board member [of Talossa AID] fully in charge of its considerable charitable funds.” (ETT’s emphasis) It is not clear at the time of writing whether S:reu Lorentzescu is the Istefan Perthonest S:reu Itralivatx refers to above, or a different individual, and ETT’s attempts to contact S:reu Molinar were unfortunately not successful.

What does seem apparent is that by March 2012 the Convenor of the board of Talossa AID did not consider S:reu Itravilatx a fellow board member, though whether this involved a resignation or simply an abandonment of the position through inactivity remains to be clarified. This would however suggest that any fiduciary responsibility S:reu Iravilatx might have had for Talossa AID’s funds had been extinguished at this point.

In 2013 S:reu Eðo Grischun, who had been strongly supportive of the establishment of Talossa AID, provided his perspective on the fate of Talossa AID. Discussing the programme of the CSPP, of which he was leader at the time, he explained his party’s support for a state-sponsored charitable organisation as being informed by the “failed” TalossaAID experiment.

S:reu Grischun, now Senator for Vuode and associated with the RUMP, explained that “Brenier became busy outside of the nation. Flip, too, grew more and more inactive with College studies taking his time away from Talossa. Istefan, unfortunately, left the nation altogether.” He stated that as result of what he claims was the collapse of the Talossa AID private initiative, he and his CSPP colleagues had become convinced that “with governmental oversight the problems of inactive membership would be limited. We also feel a governmental fund would appear more appealing and trustworthy vs a private fund”.

El Tamlált Talossán 2015-10-06 16:04:43

Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx has announced the launch of the website of the Humanitarian Aid and International Development (BHAID).

The Minister also announced that Dr Prithvi Singh Ravish has been appointed Administrator of the Bureau. Dr Singh is a relatively new citizen and was described by the Minister as “an experienced humanitarian”.

The Minister stated that BHAid is starting its fundraising efforts immediately with a US$ 500 target. BHAid’s efforts will be focused on assistance to refugees and displaced persons, subject to the approval of specific projects by the Seneschal and the BHAid Governors. The Minister described the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East as “the largest episode of population displacement since World War II”, and stated that through BHAid “Talossa can make a difference”.

As a consequence of the establishment of BHAid, the Minister also announced a reorganisation of the staff of his Ministry.

Dr Prithvi Singh Ravish has been appointed Ambassador-General for Humanitarian Affairs and International Aid, in addition to his BHAid responsibilities. He replaces Gaglhen Fortaleça MC, who has taken responsibility for all unassigned continental regions as Ambassador-General for Other Extra-Talossan Realms which currently includes Africa, South America and Oceania.

Finally, taking advantage of an unusual opportunity, the Minister has created a Talossan Polar Interests Office headed by the sole Talossan currently resident in Antarctica, Vit Caçéir.