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Science Rules! (according to Plätschisch and Lux)

Science Rules! (according to Plätschisch and Lux)Ian Plätschisch MC (MRPT) has proposed a Bill that would create a Royal Society of the Arts and Sciences. According to the Science Rules! Bill, which has been co-sponsored by Françal Ian Lux MC (FDA), the Society would:

“advance scientific knowledge by conducting and promoting research and academic study in the areas of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities.”

In his introduction of the Bill, S:reu Plätschisch noted that the University of Talossa (the Kingdom’s official institution of higher learning) has not been active of late. He further remarked and that the Bureau of Extraterrestrial Exploration & Research (BEER) has also been dormant for some time. The Bill proposes that these organisations would be absorbed into the new Royal Society. The latter would then become the sole research and educational organisation in the Kingdom, and would be headed by a President.

The Bill has been welcomed by a number of MZs from across the political spectrum, but was criticised by S:reu Óïn Ursüm, who questioned the principle of the Bill. S:reu Ursüm stated that in his opinion the University should remain the primary educational and research institution in the Kingdom, and that he failed to see how absorbing the University into the Royal Society would help revitalise it.

Discussion on the Bill continues in the Hopper. S:reu Plätschisch as not yet indicated if he will add the Bill to the Clark in October.