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El Tamlált Talossán 2015-10-06 16:04:43

Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx has announced the launch of the website of the Humanitarian Aid and International Development (BHAID).

The Minister also announced that Dr Prithvi Singh Ravish has been appointed Administrator of the Bureau. Dr Singh is a relatively new citizen and was described by the Minister as “an experienced humanitarian”.

The Minister stated that BHAid is starting its fundraising efforts immediately with a US$ 500 target. BHAid’s efforts will be focused on assistance to refugees and displaced persons, subject to the approval of specific projects by the Seneschal and the BHAid Governors. The Minister described the unfolding refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East as “the largest episode of population displacement since World War II”, and stated that through BHAid “Talossa can make a difference”.

As a consequence of the establishment of BHAid, the Minister also announced a reorganisation of the staff of his Ministry.

Dr Prithvi Singh Ravish has been appointed Ambassador-General for Humanitarian Affairs and International Aid, in addition to his BHAid responsibilities. He replaces Gaglhen Fortaleça MC, who has taken responsibility for all unassigned continental regions as Ambassador-General for Other Extra-Talossan Realms which currently includes Africa, South America and Oceania.

Finally, taking advantage of an unusual opportunity, the Minister has created a Talossan Polar Interests Office headed by the sole Talossan currently resident in Antarctica, Vit Caçéir.

BEER Affair: “Humbled” Rôibeardescù appeals for forgiveness

Senator Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù made a moving appeal for forgiveness from his colleagues in the Senate last night as calls for his resignation increase.

In a post entitled “The Humbling of Txosuè”, the embattled Senator from Cezembre admitted that his recent actons had been “ghastly”, and that he “humbly prostrates” himself before his fellow Senators to “beg forgiveness” for having “damaged my reputation and that of the Senate”. The Senator ascribed his recent troubles to difficulties with antidepressants that affected his judgement, but stated that the imminent start of a new course of medication should improve his condition.

Senatorial colleagues were quick to praise the Senator’s commitment to seeking help with his recent health problems, with Senators Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun and Sevastáin Pinátsch praising his deterination “to become a healthier, better person”, in the words of da Senator da Lhiun.

Senator Rôibeardescù said that he hoped the Senators “find me still able to represent the people of Cézembre” despite his recent difficulties. Senators Pinátsch and da Lhiun both suggested that the Senator could resign and force a by-election, or could organise an informal poll of Cezembreans to determine whether they would like the Senator to remain in office. This echoes the statement made by Senator Miestrâ Schivâ yesterday to ETT.

According to an ETT analysis of the relevant sections of the Organic Law, a new election would not occur before the next general election, with a replacement Senator appointed by the Seneschal of Cezembre serving out the remainder of the term until then. This is regardless of the manner the Senator might leave office (resignation, removal by el Cort Inalt, or impeachment by the Senate). Senator Rôibeardescù would however be freely able to contest this by-election.

In other news, TSP leader and putative head of BEER Gaglhen Fortaleça MC spoke to ETT about the affair. He confirmed that Senator Rôibeardescù approached him spontaneoulsy on or around 14th July with the scheme to appoint S:reu Fortaleça as head of BEER in return for dropping his Claiming the Moon Bill. He also states that the then-Civil Service Commissioner presented the scheme as his own iniiative, but that S:reu Fortaleça assumed, incorrectly, that the coalition leadership had authorised the offer. Once the negative political reaction to the appointment became apparent, S:reu Fortaleça approached both the Seneschal and Sir Alexandreu Davinescu for advice on the matter, thus revealing the previously secret deal.

When asked by ETT if the incident had changed his attitued about Talossa, or would have any impact on his other official roles, S:reu Fortaleça stated that the “TSP and me personally will keep chugging along as we have, we will just be more cautious of others now”

BEER Affair: Secret deal “purely my decision”, says Rôibeardescù

Senator Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù agreed to speak briefly to ETT giving his side of the affair. While declining to be quoted at length, as he was in a somewhat emotional state, he did share with ETT the following:

  • He felt very strongly that the BEER position should be filled, believing that it would have been “cool” to have such an office active. The Seneschal however declined the suggestion.
  • Becoming aware that Gaglhen Fortaleça was both enthusiastic about space issues and about to add a bill to the Clark claiming territory on the Moon which he found repugnant, the Senator claimed that he attempted to manipulate the situation in order to achieve both his aims simultaneously, “like on Game of Thrones”, i.e., activating BEER while neutralising legislation he felt would be disastrous.
  • He stated that at no time was the Seneschal or any other government figure aware of his scheme, which he said was “purely my decision”. He also claims that he did not deliberately lead Fortaleça to believe that the Seneschal was aware of or in agreement with his proposal.
  • He also confirmed his previous statements on Wittenberg claiming that he has been coping with some serious emotional issues recently which explain his erratic behaviour in the last few weeks.

Meanwhile a source close to the government has confirmed that the FDA’s internal disciplinary action against Senator Rôibeardescù is ongoing, but that a final decision on the Alliance’s next course of action may have to wait until after 4th August, when the Seneschal returns from a trip abroad.

No official comment has been made by the FDA leadership on the status of the disciplinary action or what sanctions are envisaged since Senator Miestrâ Schivâ stated yesterday evening that she supported the expulsion of Senator Rôibeardescù from the Alliance.

Civil Service Commissioner resigns amidst corruption allegations

In it’s latest issue (26th July 2015), Beric’ht Talossan has alleged that Senator Txosuè Éiric Rôibeardescù attempted to persuade Socialist leader Gaglhen Fortaleça MC to withdraw a controversial bill posted to the Hopper that would extend territorial claim to the Moon by offering him the post of head of the national space exploration agency, BEER (Bureau of Space Exploration & Rocketry). Following the revelations and facing general criticism from both government and opposition MZs, Senator Rôibeardescù has resigned as Civil Service Commissioner, but has announced that he intends to remain as Senator for Cezembre, an office to which he was elected unopposed at the 48th Cosa general election in 2015.

The Civil Service Commissioner had initially announced on 14th July that he was offering the job to S:reu Fortaleça. Opposition MZs immediately criticised the appointment as being not only beyond the powers of the Commissioner but improperly done, since the post was neither advertised nor apparently even available to be filled. This was confirmed by Seneschal C. Carlüs Xheraltescù himself, who stated that he had specifically informed the Commissioner that the Bureau was to remain vacant (Note: Xheraltescù is the publisher of ETT). Fortaleça, expressing surprise at the hostility over the manner of his appointment, then resigned to allow a formal application process to go forward.

Beric’ht alleges that Senator Rôibeardescù and S:reu Fortaleça had made a secret agreement that the former would appoint the latter as head of BEER in return for not clarking a bill he had introduced in the Hopper to extend the Kingdom’s territorial claims to the Moon.

S:reu Fortaleça had published his proposed bill in the Hopper on 7th July. The Claiming the Moon Bill would have extended a territorial claim to the Mare Imbrium region of the Moon. Facing general scepticism, S:reu Fortaleça defended his legislation by making an analogy with Talossa’s long-standing claim to a portion of Antarctica, known as the territory of Pengopäts. Senator Rôibeardescù was one of the most vocal opponents of the bill during the Hopper debate. On 13th July S:reu Fortaleça declared that due to some (possibly facetious) support expressed for the zaniness of the proposal, he was prepared to add the bill to the next Clark. On 14th July, as mentioned above, he was appointed as head of BEER by Senator Rôibeardescù, and has not proceeded with his bill since.

According to later statements made on Witteberg, after the unexpected controversy S:reu Fortaleça approached the Seneschal privately to get to the bottom of the matter, and subsequently spoke to Beric’ht Talossan editor Sir Alexandreu Davinescu. After the Beric’ht story became public on 26th July, Senator Rôibeardescù then confronted S:reu Fortaleça on Wittenberg, where Senator Rôibeardescù, who was outraged by what he saw as press mistreatment and personal betrayal, and under the influence of alcohol (as he has himself acknowledged) proceeded to claim that S:reu Fortaleça was afraid to face him, and that he was resigning as Civil Service Commissioner, but remaining as Senator for Cezembre. He has also however publicly accepted that S:reu Fortaleça’s account of the incident as given to Beric’ht is correct.

Condemnation of the alleged corruption and of Senator Rôibeardescù’s subsequent behaviour has been swift and general. Senator Miestrâ Shivâ announced that she would be asking the steering committee of the Free Democratic Alliance to withdraw Senator Rôibeardescù’s membership. Senatorial colleagues Sevastáin Pinátsch of Atatûrk and Lüc sa Schir of Benito have called on Senator Rôibeardescù to consider his position in the Senate. Senator Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun has stated that the Senator may face “consequences” in the Senate, and that he may well face prosecution in the Uppermost Cort, despite his claim that he could avoid prosecution due to the media coverage. Beric’ht editor Alexandreu Davincesu has stated on Twitter that he is impressed by the swift government response, but questions whether the Civil Service programme, which is a major policy goal of the Seneschal, can survive the scandal. Beric’ht also reports via Twitter that the Seneschal is travelling but that a staement is expected from him shortly.

Senator Rôibeardescù himself has not directly commented this morning, except to post a “Senatorial Office” message in the Cezembre provincial board, stating that he was “waiting for someone to come and deservedly shout at me”. He has attempted to explain his conduct the previous evening to personal difficulties dealing with depression. The Senator had already created controversy in the days leading up to the publication of the Beric’ht article by abstaining on the vote on the Democratic Amendment, to the public incredulity of a number of government figures.