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BHAID: 118$ for UNICEF, Administrator steps down

Françal Ian Lux MC has publised the BHAID Act of 2015, which if passed by the Ziu will authorise the Kingdom’s Bureau of Humanitarian Aid and International Development to donate the proceeds of the recently concluded BHAID appeal to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). As reported in ETT this weekend, US$130 was raised in donations. After processing fees the amount available for the donation is US$118.17. [ETT: Inxheneu Crovâ donated $50 to the appeal]

According to its official website UNICEF was founded in December 1946 to provide aid to children displaced by the Second World War. In 1953 its mission was made perpetual, and in 1965 it was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The organsation is active in 192 countries working to promote the health, nutrition and education of children.

S:reu Lux’s legislation states that the Governors of BHAID decided to support UNICEF due to its work with refugees from the civil war in Syria. UNICEF is seeking to raise US$624 million in funding for 2015 alone to support its efforts to help children and their families displaced by the conflict.

The proposal was welcomed by RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, who described the organisation as “highly-rated by most charity auditors” and that it “seems like a good choice”. He also congratulated BHAID on “a good job”. Ian Plätschisch MC, a Governor of BHAID along with S:reu Lux, has requested to be added as a co-sponsor of the Bill.

BHAID is supervised by a Board of Governors, including an Administrator. It was announced yesterday that the incumbent Administrator Dr. Prithi Singh Ravish would no be continuing in the role. The reasons for the resignation are not clear but Foreign Minister Breneir Itravilatx stated that Dr Ravish’s resignation had “something to do with Talossans not being recognized in the international arena”. The Minister further announced that he would be assuming the role of Administrator temporarily until a replacement can be found.

“I will do things my way”: Intervew with new Culture Minister Françal Lux

Françal Ian lux was appointed Minister of Culture of the KIngdom on 13th October.

ETT: What is your ambition for the Ministry in the coming months? Is there one emblematic project you have in mind
Lux: Our culture has always been centered around our wonderful langauge. I have taken up the task of educating myself with it and it has been quite successful…for the most part. I would like to focus on creating more awareness and interest in the language learning. It can be quite challenging but I think as the Minister of Culture, it would be mine and the department’s job to make it easier for people to find the resources to learn. I will surely work with various people, not just for the language projects that my predecessor had started, but for any other projects in the future. This is our culture after all, we should all have a say in it.

ETT: You replace Miestrâ Schivâ, who held the Ministry for quite a length of time, in Talossan terms. How would you rate her legacy as a Minister?
Lux: The Dame is quite a formidable figure regardless of what you think of her. She has done a wonderful job in keeping things in order in the Ministry and I believe she has done great things to make things a bit more interesting in Talossa. Her legacy will surely have an impact in the Ministry even when she’s gone especially in the projects and expectations she has set for me and the Ministry. I can never replace her as the head of such an important Ministry, but then again I really don’t want to replace her. She did things her way and I will do things my way.

ETT: Will you be keeping up the Chat Show?
Lux: I think the media is an important tool that Talossa has to take advantage of not only to reach more prospectives but also make already-citizens more active. I will resume the Chat Show if not late October then early November. I have been swamped with University life lately so I unfortunately do not have the time to give to the Channel. But rest assured, it will be back on!

ETT: Finally, with the FreeDem merger out of the way, and as a rising star of the new party, is this promotion into the full Cabinet an attempt to boost your political profile in the run up to the election?
Lux: That’s a fair question and I will surely answer it! 😉 I can’t speak for the Seneschal, but let me tell you how I have always been when it comes to politics in this country. I have tried my best to stay away from petty politics. I have always spoken my mind and advocated for things that I firmly believe in even when it contradicts the Seneschal’s or the Dame’s views. Even when it contradicts the party’s views. I tried my best to be fair and honest because I know I will be held accountable for my beliefs. Now, my political career is important to me, but I’d like to think my appointment is more than that. I’d like to think that my appointment is because of the voice I can provide in the Cabinet and the diligence I will bring to get things done in the Ministry.

El Tamlált Talossán 2015-10-15 06:40:56

Seneschal C. Carlüs Xheraltescù has announced a Cabinet reshuffle. Françal Ian Lux MC is appointed Minister of Culture, replacing Senator Miestrâ Schivâ UrN. The Senator herself has been appointed Attorney-General, replacing Vit Caçéir who is on an extended work-related sojourn in Antarctica. The King confirmed the nominations on 12th October.

S:reu Lux is a FreeDem MC, and is presently Deputy Minister of the Interior for Immigration. He is also a host of the Talossan Evening Chat Show, and was the outgoing party secretary of the Liberal Congress before the FreeDem merger. Senator Schivâ has been Minister of Culture since 2014, and was Distain of the 47th Cosa government.

Speaking to ETT, the Seneschal praised Senator Schivâ, stating that “I think she’s been the best Minister of Culture we’ve had in this country for a very long time!” When asked why such a senior figure had been appointed to what has lately been a less visible Cabinet position, the Seneschal stated that “the Office of Attorney-General…has historically been lacking in attention, and [the Senator’s] appointment should signify the fact that I want someone I can absolutely count on in a vital position such as that.”

The Seneschal also told ETT that the appointment of S:reu Lux, who is a relatively new Talossan citizen, is an example of “the advancement of new, enthusiastic and promising citizens [that] is absolutely something we should all be encouraging.” The Seneschal stated that he had “high expectations” for S:reu Lux’s service.

The appointments have been broadly welcomed in the Ziu. While praising the appointment of S:reu Lux specifically, RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, writing under the Berich’t Talossan Twitter account, questioned the appointment of Senator Schivâ, who is not a qualified lawyer, to the office of Attorney-General, descibing it as “odd”.


LibCon Controversy: FDA reaction

Speaking in response to the Senators accusations of haste and lack of consultation, LibCon party secretary Françal Ian Lux claimed that the Senator’s allegations were “unfounded”. S:reu Lux further stated that, contrary to the Senator’s assertions, internal communcation was thorough and “if you read the emails we’ve all shared, you should know everything you needed to”. S:reu Lux also rejected the accusation that LibCon did not have internal democracy, stating that “the people who voted aren’t Yes-men, they fully understand what we’re staking here”.

No immediate comment had been made by the Seneschal and LibCon party leader C. Carlüs Xheraltescù.

ZRT leader Senator Miestrà Schivâ called on Senator Rôibeardescù to “resign your seat, and stand in the resulting by-election if you think you can win it”, claiming that “if you want to be taken seriously in Talossan politics again (by those who believe in political ethics, that is), that is a must.”

criticised what she claimed was the apparent haste with which members of other parties, including the MRPT and the RUMP, sought to recruit the now-independent Senator Rôibeardescù. Calling on Distain Lüc da Schir to condemn any move to recruit the Senator into his party, she stated that “(it) doesn’t surprise me to see the completely amoral RUMP down in the gutter, but you guys are generally better.”

Senator Schivâ also claimed that the Seneschal had been “weaker” on the issue of expelling Senator Rôibeardescù than she had been, and accused the latter of being a “bribe-monger”. She however stated that in her opinion as a layperson a criminal prosecution could not be sustained against Senator Rôibeardescù for his role in the BEER Affair, and that she felt it was unlikely that an official prosecution would be brought.

Science Rules! (according to Plätschisch and Lux)

Science Rules! (according to Plätschisch and Lux)Ian Plätschisch MC (MRPT) has proposed a Bill that would create a Royal Society of the Arts and Sciences. According to the Science Rules! Bill, which has been co-sponsored by Françal Ian Lux MC (FDA), the Society would:

“advance scientific knowledge by conducting and promoting research and academic study in the areas of the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the arts and humanities.”

In his introduction of the Bill, S:reu Plätschisch noted that the University of Talossa (the Kingdom’s official institution of higher learning) has not been active of late. He further remarked and that the Bureau of Extraterrestrial Exploration & Research (BEER) has also been dormant for some time. The Bill proposes that these organisations would be absorbed into the new Royal Society. The latter would then become the sole research and educational organisation in the Kingdom, and would be headed by a President.

The Bill has been welcomed by a number of MZs from across the political spectrum, but was criticised by S:reu Óïn Ursüm, who questioned the principle of the Bill. S:reu Ursüm stated that in his opinion the University should remain the primary educational and research institution in the Kingdom, and that he failed to see how absorbing the University into the Royal Society would help revitalise it.

Discussion on the Bill continues in the Hopper. S:reu Plätschisch as not yet indicated if he will add the Bill to the Clark in October.

Interior Ministry: Deputies Appointed

Minster of the Interior Munditens Tresplet has appointed four Deputies to serve in his Ministry. Nicholas Hayes, Deputy Minister of the Interior Françal Ian Lux, Deputy Minister of Immigration M.T. Patritz da Biondeu, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Óïn Ursüm, Acting Deputy Minister of Defence The Minister stated:
“The Ministry has many big and excited things planned during the term of this government, and I am excited to be able to work with my team to accomplish our (possibly lofty) goals.”

Independence Day Honours 2015/XXXVI

as from the Royal Talossan College of Arms
Abbavilla, Atatürk
14 March 2015/XXXVI

We, JOHN by the Grace of God King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk, greet the Kingdom and her citizens and Cestours on this ninth anniversary of Our accession to the throne. On this special day, We are pleased and proud to act on the advice of Our Squirrel King of Arms, his pursuivants, and the other members of the College of Arms to affirm and announce publicly the Royal honours granted to two worthy citizens of Our Kingdom.

WHEREAS there have come before Us two patient, honourable, and dutiful citizens of Talossa requesting Our favour, which loyal subjects have humbly petitioned that We, by virtue of the Royal power conferred only unto Us, might grant and confer unto them, and their lawful heirs, a coat of arms; and

WHEREAS We derive from Our Royal grace and favour both the commission and the power to confer achievements of arms as a gift from Us, and to issue in such matters a Royal proclamation with the Great Seal of the Kingdom; and

WHEREAS We, in Our innate Royal power and grace, have always been inclined to provide for the subjects of the Kingdom of Talossa and to confer unto Our loyal subjects Royal favours on the feast days of the Kingdom, and

WHEREAS We are particularly inclined toward these citizens, whom We have always found ready in the service of Our Kingdom; now

THEREFORE, with the Royal powers cited above, upon ample consideration, good counsel, and proper knowledge, We have recognized the favours described herein and have conferred upon this citizens that he and his legitimate heirs should hereafter be bearers of these coats of arms, and that they should therefore have these arms as right, as is Our privilege and custom, without leave or hindrance by anyone.

[image] To Peter Liu,
Citizen of Vuode Province,
We grant the arms
between an anchor azure and a tigers head cabossed vert,
a fess vert.
[image] To Françal Ian Lux,
Citizen of Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province,
We grant the arms
Gules two chevronels abased,
in chief four lozenges fesswise in cross or.

Given under Our hand Royal at Our residence in the city of Centennial in Colorado, on Pi Day, which is also Accession Day, the fourteenth day of March in the year of salvation 2015, of the independence of Talossa the thirty-sixth, and of Our reign the ninth.

— John R

Þonörs dal Zuia dal Independençù dallas 2013/XXXV

come del Coletx Rexhital Talossan d’Armeux
Abbavilla, Atatürk
li 14. Març dallas 2015/XXXVI

Noi, IAN, Gräts à Díeu Regeu da Talossa es da toct sieux Reic’hs es Cuntradas, Regeu da Cézembre, Avötz da Pengöpäts es las Nouas Falklands, Zefençadeir del Feitz, Duceu dallas Forziuns Armeschti, Vice-Regeu da Hoxha es Vicar d’Atatürk, graitent el Regipäts es sieux citaxhiéns es Cestours sür acest noualaiset aniversar dal aðcedaziun Noastra àl þroneu. Sür aceasta feschta special, Noi sint rats es fiis àð actarh sür l’aðviçéu da Noastra Regeu Hamilta d’Armeux, da sieux Piersequinds, es dels altreux membreux del Coletx d’Armeux per affirmarh es anonçarh püblicmint els Þonörs Rexhitais qe Noi otorgent perventüra à doua citaxhiéns deneux del Regipäts Noastra.

TANDI QE hi tiennent venescu avant Üns doua citaxhiéns da Talossa patzints, perþonests, es plicteschti qi requestent el favour Noastra, es qi tiennent petiziunat qe Noi, in virtù del pevarh Rexhital cunferat solamint à Nhoi, otorgadrent es cunferadrent à lhor, es à lors sovinds lexhitais, dallas armeux; es

TANDI QE Noi derivent dallas graçù es favour Rexhitais Noschtri embù el sarvoir es el pevarh à cunferarh dallas armeux come dallas cadais da Nhoi, es àð emestarh in tais facendas üna proclamaziun Rexhital avetz el Grült Saxhel del Regipäts; es

TANDI QE Noi, d’osprei el pevarh es la graçù Rexhitais Noschtri, toctziua tiennent estescu clinats àð espunarh els enclins del Regipäts da Talossa es à cunferarh als enclins fieirs Noschtri dels favours Rexhitais sür las feschtas del Regipäts, es

TANDI QE Noi apartì tiennent estescu clinats par acest citaxhien, qi Noi toctziua tiennent trovat àð estarh preparat per la serviçù del Regipäts Noastra; nun

PER ACESTILOR RAZIUNS, avetz els pevarhen Rexhitais citats super, pa la circümspicença ampal, el sfäts ben, es l’adanaziun propra, Noi tiennent reconeiçat els favours zepictats aicì es tiennent cunferat àð acest citaxhien qe o es sieux sovinds lexhitimätsilor estadrent daincets els porteirs d’acestilor Armeux, es qe o tenadra acestilor Armeux come sieu drept, come ça isch la privilexhù es üsonça Noastra, sanc la vía eda l’unfaþilità d’aucün perziun.

[image] À Peter Liu,
Citaxhién da Provinçù Vuode,
Noi otorgent els Armeux
teschent üna ancara azür es ün cäps d’iens tigreu caboschat virt,
üna faischa virt.
[image] À Françal Ian Lux,
Citizen of Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province,
Noi otorgent els Armeux
doua schevroneis bätsiçats,
in cäps qator lausas faischaversim in crutz ors.

Zonats sub Noastra ma Rexhital à l’avdança Noastra in la Cità da Centennial in Colorado, sür la Feschta da Sant Istefan, martür, qi isch la Ziua dal Indepençù, li vaintsch-sexlaiset Zecemvar dal anneu da salvaziun el 2013-l:t, del treinçe-simcalaiset anneu dal independençù da Talossa, es del röin Noastra el séifetlaiset.

— Ian Regeu