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Nomination of a Civil Service Commissioner


The Civil Service Committee of the Kingdom of Talossa

WHEREAS, we’ve needed a Commissioner for some time, and

WHEREAS, it is important the Kingdom’s bureaucrats are primed and ready for action, and

WHEREAS such priming requires leadership, and

WHEREAS, after a long process of interview and consideration, the Civil Service Committee has determined that the best candidate for this post is M:sr Txosue Roibeardescu, now

THEREFORE, I, Carlüs Xheraltescù, with the support and counsel of my fellow committee members, do recommend to his Majesty King John that Txosue Roibeardescu be appointed to the post of Commissioner of the Civil Service, and request the necessary approval of a majority of the Ziu.

Noi urent q’estadra sa:

Carlüs Xheraltescù (MC-Lib)
Txec dal Nordselva (MC-PP)

I am happy hereby to appoint S:reu Txosuè Eiric Roibeardescu to the exalted post of Commissioner of the Civil Service. Thank you for agreeing to serve, and for your evident energy and enthusiasm for the position.

— John R.

Independence Day Honours 2015/XXXVI

as from the Royal Talossan College of Arms
Abbavilla, Atatürk
14 March 2015/XXXVI

We, JOHN by the Grace of God King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk, greet the Kingdom and her citizens and Cestours on this ninth anniversary of Our accession to the throne. On this special day, We are pleased and proud to act on the advice of Our Squirrel King of Arms, his pursuivants, and the other members of the College of Arms to affirm and announce publicly the Royal honours granted to two worthy citizens of Our Kingdom.

WHEREAS there have come before Us two patient, honourable, and dutiful citizens of Talossa requesting Our favour, which loyal subjects have humbly petitioned that We, by virtue of the Royal power conferred only unto Us, might grant and confer unto them, and their lawful heirs, a coat of arms; and

WHEREAS We derive from Our Royal grace and favour both the commission and the power to confer achievements of arms as a gift from Us, and to issue in such matters a Royal proclamation with the Great Seal of the Kingdom; and

WHEREAS We, in Our innate Royal power and grace, have always been inclined to provide for the subjects of the Kingdom of Talossa and to confer unto Our loyal subjects Royal favours on the feast days of the Kingdom, and

WHEREAS We are particularly inclined toward these citizens, whom We have always found ready in the service of Our Kingdom; now

THEREFORE, with the Royal powers cited above, upon ample consideration, good counsel, and proper knowledge, We have recognized the favours described herein and have conferred upon this citizens that he and his legitimate heirs should hereafter be bearers of these coats of arms, and that they should therefore have these arms as right, as is Our privilege and custom, without leave or hindrance by anyone.

[image] To Peter Liu,
Citizen of Vuode Province,
We grant the arms
between an anchor azure and a tigers head cabossed vert,
a fess vert.
[image] To Françal Ian Lux,
Citizen of Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province,
We grant the arms
Gules two chevronels abased,
in chief four lozenges fesswise in cross or.

Given under Our hand Royal at Our residence in the city of Centennial in Colorado, on Pi Day, which is also Accession Day, the fourteenth day of March in the year of salvation 2015, of the independence of Talossa the thirty-sixth, and of Our reign the ninth.

— John R

Þonörs dal Zuia dal Independençù dallas 2013/XXXV

come del Coletx Rexhital Talossan d’Armeux
Abbavilla, Atatürk
li 14. Març dallas 2015/XXXVI

Noi, IAN, Gräts à Díeu Regeu da Talossa es da toct sieux Reic’hs es Cuntradas, Regeu da Cézembre, Avötz da Pengöpäts es las Nouas Falklands, Zefençadeir del Feitz, Duceu dallas Forziuns Armeschti, Vice-Regeu da Hoxha es Vicar d’Atatürk, graitent el Regipäts es sieux citaxhiéns es Cestours sür acest noualaiset aniversar dal aðcedaziun Noastra àl þroneu. Sür aceasta feschta special, Noi sint rats es fiis àð actarh sür l’aðviçéu da Noastra Regeu Hamilta d’Armeux, da sieux Piersequinds, es dels altreux membreux del Coletx d’Armeux per affirmarh es anonçarh püblicmint els Þonörs Rexhitais qe Noi otorgent perventüra à doua citaxhiéns deneux del Regipäts Noastra.

TANDI QE hi tiennent venescu avant Üns doua citaxhiéns da Talossa patzints, perþonests, es plicteschti qi requestent el favour Noastra, es qi tiennent petiziunat qe Noi, in virtù del pevarh Rexhital cunferat solamint à Nhoi, otorgadrent es cunferadrent à lhor, es à lors sovinds lexhitais, dallas armeux; es

TANDI QE Noi derivent dallas graçù es favour Rexhitais Noschtri embù el sarvoir es el pevarh à cunferarh dallas armeux come dallas cadais da Nhoi, es àð emestarh in tais facendas üna proclamaziun Rexhital avetz el Grült Saxhel del Regipäts; es

TANDI QE Noi, d’osprei el pevarh es la graçù Rexhitais Noschtri, toctziua tiennent estescu clinats àð espunarh els enclins del Regipäts da Talossa es à cunferarh als enclins fieirs Noschtri dels favours Rexhitais sür las feschtas del Regipäts, es

TANDI QE Noi apartì tiennent estescu clinats par acest citaxhien, qi Noi toctziua tiennent trovat àð estarh preparat per la serviçù del Regipäts Noastra; nun

PER ACESTILOR RAZIUNS, avetz els pevarhen Rexhitais citats super, pa la circümspicença ampal, el sfäts ben, es l’adanaziun propra, Noi tiennent reconeiçat els favours zepictats aicì es tiennent cunferat àð acest citaxhien qe o es sieux sovinds lexhitimätsilor estadrent daincets els porteirs d’acestilor Armeux, es qe o tenadra acestilor Armeux come sieu drept, come ça isch la privilexhù es üsonça Noastra, sanc la vía eda l’unfaþilità d’aucün perziun.

[image] À Peter Liu,
Citaxhién da Provinçù Vuode,
Noi otorgent els Armeux
teschent üna ancara azür es ün cäps d’iens tigreu caboschat virt,
üna faischa virt.
[image] À Françal Ian Lux,
Citizen of Maritiimi-Maxhestic Province,
Noi otorgent els Armeux
doua schevroneis bätsiçats,
in cäps qator lausas faischaversim in crutz ors.

Zonats sub Noastra ma Rexhital à l’avdança Noastra in la Cità da Centennial in Colorado, sür la Feschta da Sant Istefan, martür, qi isch la Ziua dal Indepençù, li vaintsch-sexlaiset Zecemvar dal anneu da salvaziun el 2013-l:t, del treinçe-simcalaiset anneu dal independençù da Talossa, es del röin Noastra el séifetlaiset.

— Ian Regeu

Nomination of an Admiral

WHEREAS, the office of Admiral of El Marì Rexhital Talossan currently lies conspicuously vacant, and

WHEREAS, it is imperative that the defense of the Kingdom remain robust and prepared, and

WHEREAS such robustness and preparation requires leadership, and

WHEREAS, after a long (perhaps too-long) process of interview and consideration, the Ministry of Interior has determined that the best candidate for this post is M:sr Iason Bitxichë Taiwos, now

THEREFORE, I, Carlüs Xheraltescù, with the full support and counsel of my deputy, Óïn Ursüm, do recommend to his Majesty King John that Iason Taiwos be raised to the rank and post of Amirál, MRT, and request the necessary approval of a majority of the Ziu.

Noi urent q’estadra sa:

Carlüs Xheraltescù (Minister of Interior)
Óïn Ursüm (Deputy Minister for Defence)

Recommendation: Appointment of an Attorney-General

The Office of the Prime Minister of Talossa
L’Óifisch dal Seneschal del Regipäts Talossa

Recommendation: Appointment of an Attorney-General

Voastra Maxhestá —

I come now before the throne seeking an audience to recommend the appointment of a Minister to Your Majesty’s Government.

Talossa is an addicting habit, as our website states. However, for reasons which often are beyond their will, many of us are forced to dedicate more time to their lives, to deal with unexpected personal issues, or with an upcoming important event; sometimes, instead, they are simply away due to less important problems (thankfully) like issues with their internet connection, or because they’re traveling. Luckily, this seems to be the case with Minister da Lhiun – although we are relieved to learn that nothing serious has happened to him, I feel compelled to replace him to ensure that the Government keeps working smoothly and the upcoming judicial cases concerning the Government are properly dealt with.

SO WHEREAS Lex.D.2.1 states that “All other Cabinet officers are appointed by the Seneschal (Prime Minister), serve at his pleasure, are responsible to him, and derive their powers from him”, and

WHEREAS one of the Ministers of my Government is temporarily unavailable; and

WHEREAS it is of our best interest to ensure that the Government is fully functional, and that all Ministers and Deputies are around to do their jobs; and

WHEREAS, thankfully, an excellently qualificated replacement exists and is willing to replace S:r da Lhiun in his position as Attorney-General; so

THEREFORE I, Lüc da Schir, Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan, with all duly vested authority and stuff, hereby recommend that Your Majesty appoint:

100px-JusticeBadgeDr. Txec dal Nordselvă
to the position of

FURTHERMORE, S:r da Lhiun is not relieved from any other office he is currently holding within the Cabinet, and will continue to serve as Deputy Attorney-General.FURTHER-FURTHERMORE, WHEREAS Lex.D.2.1 states that “anything that any Minister can do (officially), the Seneschal may (if he desires) do himself.”, and WHEREAS until HM the King of Talossa countersigns this recommendation, Talossa will continue to have an inactive Attorney-General; so

THEREFORE until the required Royal Assent to this recommendation, the Seneschal will unofficially serve as Attorney-General ad interim, his duties including representing the Government in the pending court cases.

Confident that the Crown will consent to this recommendation, may I be the first to congratulate Dr. Nordselva in advance and and to wish him all the best for his term in office.

Lüc da Schir

I of course approve this nomination, and hereby appoint Dr Nordselva Attorney General.

— John R.