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TSF&WS recommends the latest in sci-fi and fantasy

The Talossan Science Fiction and Whiskey Society is a long-established, if frequently dormant, association of Talossan afficiandos of both science fiction and fantasy literature as well as the sampling of fine spirits (though not necessarily both). 

As the long time spiritual head of the TSFWS Senator Ián Anglatzarâ has been highlighting the best of recent science fiction and fantasy works. The Senator is prominent in science fiction and fantasy fan circles in Scandanavia.

Senator Anglatzara’s latest recommendation is The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis, a graphic novel with a surprising premise: set in a world where children make parents, rather than vice versa. The Senator describes it as “surrealist, science-fantasyish. Brilliant”.

When asked by ETT if members if the Society had to appreciate both sci-fi and whiskey,  Senator Anglatzarâ stated that “if you’re only a fan of whiskey, that’s no problem”. However, where one doesn’t drink whiskey but likes sci-fi “we might have to have a vote on that”. 

49th Cosa Election: Speculation on identity of FreeDem Culture shadow mounts

Following yesterdays announcement of the FreeDem Shadow Cabinet, MRPT MC Glüc da Dhi, who has been critical of the refusal of FreeDem leader Miestrâ Schivâ to consider post-election negotiations, openly speculated that senior RUMP MC and Ladintsch Naziunal Sir Cresti Siervicül may be the as yet unconfirmed Shadow Minister for Culture.

Questioned by ETT, Senator Schivâ continued to refuse any comment on the identity of the prospective Shadow Minister, pending the conclusion of discussions with the individual.

When asked by ETT, Sir Alexandreu Davinescu declared that he “can’t comment on what Sir Cresti has been asked, but I will say that I have discouraged RUMPers from agreeing ahead of time to vote in favor on a Vote of Confidence for the FDT, since that’s rather a high price for the country to pay.”

Sir Cresti himself has not responded to requests for comment by ETT at the time of writing.

“I will do things my way”: Intervew with new Culture Minister Françal Lux

Françal Ian lux was appointed Minister of Culture of the KIngdom on 13th October.

ETT: What is your ambition for the Ministry in the coming months? Is there one emblematic project you have in mind
Lux: Our culture has always been centered around our wonderful langauge. I have taken up the task of educating myself with it and it has been quite successful…for the most part. I would like to focus on creating more awareness and interest in the language learning. It can be quite challenging but I think as the Minister of Culture, it would be mine and the department’s job to make it easier for people to find the resources to learn. I will surely work with various people, not just for the language projects that my predecessor had started, but for any other projects in the future. This is our culture after all, we should all have a say in it.

ETT: You replace Miestrâ Schivâ, who held the Ministry for quite a length of time, in Talossan terms. How would you rate her legacy as a Minister?
Lux: The Dame is quite a formidable figure regardless of what you think of her. She has done a wonderful job in keeping things in order in the Ministry and I believe she has done great things to make things a bit more interesting in Talossa. Her legacy will surely have an impact in the Ministry even when she’s gone especially in the projects and expectations she has set for me and the Ministry. I can never replace her as the head of such an important Ministry, but then again I really don’t want to replace her. She did things her way and I will do things my way.

ETT: Will you be keeping up the Chat Show?
Lux: I think the media is an important tool that Talossa has to take advantage of not only to reach more prospectives but also make already-citizens more active. I will resume the Chat Show if not late October then early November. I have been swamped with University life lately so I unfortunately do not have the time to give to the Channel. But rest assured, it will be back on!

ETT: Finally, with the FreeDem merger out of the way, and as a rising star of the new party, is this promotion into the full Cabinet an attempt to boost your political profile in the run up to the election?
Lux: That’s a fair question and I will surely answer it! 😉 I can’t speak for the Seneschal, but let me tell you how I have always been when it comes to politics in this country. I have tried my best to stay away from petty politics. I have always spoken my mind and advocated for things that I firmly believe in even when it contradicts the Seneschal’s or the Dame’s views. Even when it contradicts the party’s views. I tried my best to be fair and honest because I know I will be held accountable for my beliefs. Now, my political career is important to me, but I’d like to think my appointment is more than that. I’d like to think that my appointment is because of the voice I can provide in the Cabinet and the diligence I will bring to get things done in the Ministry.

El Tamlált Talossán 2015-10-15 06:40:56

Seneschal C. Carlüs Xheraltescù has announced a Cabinet reshuffle. Françal Ian Lux MC is appointed Minister of Culture, replacing Senator Miestrâ Schivâ UrN. The Senator herself has been appointed Attorney-General, replacing Vit Caçéir who is on an extended work-related sojourn in Antarctica. The King confirmed the nominations on 12th October.

S:reu Lux is a FreeDem MC, and is presently Deputy Minister of the Interior for Immigration. He is also a host of the Talossan Evening Chat Show, and was the outgoing party secretary of the Liberal Congress before the FreeDem merger. Senator Schivâ has been Minister of Culture since 2014, and was Distain of the 47th Cosa government.

Speaking to ETT, the Seneschal praised Senator Schivâ, stating that “I think she’s been the best Minister of Culture we’ve had in this country for a very long time!” When asked why such a senior figure had been appointed to what has lately been a less visible Cabinet position, the Seneschal stated that “the Office of Attorney-General…has historically been lacking in attention, and [the Senator’s] appointment should signify the fact that I want someone I can absolutely count on in a vital position such as that.”

The Seneschal also told ETT that the appointment of S:reu Lux, who is a relatively new Talossan citizen, is an example of “the advancement of new, enthusiastic and promising citizens [that] is absolutely something we should all be encouraging.” The Seneschal stated that he had “high expectations” for S:reu Lux’s service.

The appointments have been broadly welcomed in the Ziu. While praising the appointment of S:reu Lux specifically, RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu MC, writing under the Berich’t Talossan Twitter account, questioned the appointment of Senator Schivâ, who is not a qualified lawyer, to the office of Attorney-General, descibing it as “odd”.


Ministry of Culture: National Gamemaster Wanted

Minister of Culture Miestrâ Schivâ has announced a vacancy in the role of National Gamesmaster (codename “Joshua”). She describes the duties of the office as:

a) Celebration of Napoleon’s Memorial Wargaming Day (21 February) and Mindless Patriotism Day (31 March). (El Lexhátx F.4.3.2 and F.4.3.6)
b) In all other ways to promote the spirit of 16RC10, which made wargaming our National Pasttime.
c)…past that, make up your own job description.

Applicants are invited to make themselves known in the above Witteberg thread or by private message to the Minister.


An “Orange” Parade in the north of Ireland

(acest articál apiara dîn el glheþ Talossán aici)

I know that I describe one political party’s habit of trotting out inactive citizens at election times to robotically raise their hands (in public, no less!) for GOD SAVE THE KING AND YES TO WHATEVER MY OLD CRONIES SAY as a “loyalty parade”. But I forget that this time of year, they turn it into an actual parade.

Part of my ancestry is Irish Catholic, and north of the Border in the British-administered part of that island, parades and the routes they tread are a yearly source of political conflict, occasionally turning into street fights, arson, and the occasional act of terrorist murder.

It´s our culture, complain the pro-British, monarchist paraders.Why can’t we have our parade down whatever streets we want?
Because, reply the Irish-identifying republican population, this part of your culture is an assertion of your dominance over us, your historic victory over us, the fact that we have to live under your regime. This is not neighbourly behaviour.

Culture is political. It shouldn’t be, but it is. The opposite to the scenario above is the Gay Pride parades, where a historically oppressed group of citizens take to the streets to say we’re here, we’re queer, we’re not going to hide ourselves away because our fellow citizens would prefer we wouldn’t exist. What is the difference? I would say, it is the moral difference between the acts of dominant and submissive groups.

Perhaps I am being naïve in believing that culture should come from all Talossans, and not be associated with any one political party. True, the culture of Fiôvâ stems from our shared history in the Talossan Republic, but it is open to all our citizens. Even ultra-monarchists can appreciate Fiôvân culture like the assumption of patronymics, toxophily, the Traditional Spelling of the national language, etc.

For decades, our national culture was nothing more than the injokes of the King and his cronies. I have said before that the RUMP regime of 2007-2012 unwittingly perpetuated many of the features of the regime of Robert I, and this is one of them. Ex-Republicans, or Talossans whose ideas were formed before 2005, have no attachment to “beer as national currency”, the “Talossan-operatic” code of football, the Revised spelling of the language, etc.

A “monarchy-heraldry” parade would make some sense. A “RUMP Parade”, on the other hand, is the activity of a sub-subculture which used to be politically dominant, and can’t really believe that it isn’t any more, shoving its idea of culture into the faces of other Talossans. Not quite a Northern Irish Orange parade… more like a “Confederate Heritage” parade in Mississippi. Some of us have a problem with that.