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FreeDems claim Seneschal is “puppet” of RUMP leader

In a comment on a recent article at ETT, FreeDem Deputy Leader Dr Txec dal Nordselvă has accused Sir Alexandreu Davinescu of working “the legitimate Seneschal as a puppet”, and called on the moderate parties to “end this unaccountable farce”.

The FreeDem MC, echoing suggestions made by a number of opposition figures in the past few weeks, claims that it is the RUMP leader and not Seneschal Sir Cresti Siervicül who is in fact directing the government. Sir Alexandreu serves as both Minister of Finance and “Chief of Staff”, and continues to be leader of the RUMP party. The newly created role of Chief of Staff in particular has elicited opposition scrutiny. Sir Alexandreu himself explained that the role was “basically a management or clerical position, keeping track of projects, deadlines, and the like.”

FreeDem criticism of the relative prominence of the Finance Minister compared to the Seneschal has grown since the formation of the coalition. In April FreeDem MZs criticised the Seneschal for failing to present the government’s Activities Report to the Ziu personally, allowing Sir Alexandreu to do it instead. However according to the Finance Minister he was simply facilitating Sir Cresti who was experiencing computer problems. In response to this incident, FreeDem Senator C. Carlüs Xheraltescú asked the Seneschal in a Terpelaziun “what it is you actually do in government?”

The Seneschal maintains that leaving aside his public actions the other work of the government has been “at his direction”. In May Sir Cresti revealed what he claimed was the reason for his low public profile earlier: the unexpectedly early birth of his second child. The Chief of Staff for his part insisted that the government’s plans are on schedule, and that the Seneschal is “keeping everything on track just fine!” ModRad Minister of Stuff Ian Plätschisch has also come to the defence of the Chief of Staff this weekend, claiming that due to his responsibility for “paperwork” the Chief of Staff publicises the work of the government, but that this “does not translate into having written all of it…or acting independently of the Seneschal”.

Dr dal Nordselvă and his FreeDem colleagues remain unconvinced, however. Speaking to ETT Dr dal Nordselvă claimed that they have “serious concerns that Sir Cresti is Seneschal in name only”, citing the latter’s frequent absences from Wittenberg and that “almost all of the governmental information has come directly” from the Chief of Staff. The FreeDem Deputy Leader also criticised the ModRads and TNC for “propping up” the government under the circumstances.

Recommendation: Appointment of a new Minister of Finance

The Office of the Prime Minister of Talossa
L’Óifisch dal Seneschal del Regipäts Talossa

Recommendation: Appointment of a New Minister of Finance

Voastra Maxhestà,

As you may have read on the forum already, our Finance Minister has decided, after the outcome of the Senate vote on his proposal regarding monetary policy and coin design, to resign. S;reu Perthonest, who served in the previous government, has done a tremendous amount of work for our Kingdom and we are very thankful for that. His presence at the cabinet table will be missed.

Your Majesty, I would like to inform you that this government has been able to find a replacement, who is willing to take on the heavy burden of Finance minister. The previous weeks have been rough for this government, so we are very glad that we could find someone who is capable and whom we can trust.

Therefore I, Glüc da Dhi, Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan, with all duly vested authority and stuff, hereby recommend that Your Majesty appoint:

FinanceBadgeOwen Edwards
to the position of
Finance Minister