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To Everything There is a Season

Some time back during the 45th Cosa, I started to become dissatisfied with my beginning views on Talossa, her politics, and her political structures. I’ve never been one to hold blind or even myopic allegiance to an idea or a philosophy. I’ve always made up my own mind on what is important to me and how I am going to make whats important a reality.

When I left the RUMP party, that was a tough decision because I genuinely like many of the people in that party. The comraderie and the silliness the party exhibits can be fun to be part of. That same comraderie and silliness can also get exhausting. When I served as Seneschal, I found that many are willing but few are going to follow through. At the end of my term, despite the heavy criticism leveled at me both within and without the party, I had already decided change needed to come – for me personally. It took me some time but I finally left and joined the small monarchist party that I felt best represented my thoughts and views.

However, my transition was not complete. I was still dissatisfied with where I sat on the political spectrum. I’ve become dissatisfied with status quo politics and “this is the way its done” thinking. You see, in my non-Talossan life I am much more liberal and it was never a great fit for me personally sitting on the conservative end of politics. With this in mind, I began having serious conversations with others in Talossa, privately, to explore my idealogy and my views on Talossa. I’ve been a citizen for long enough to understand the dynamics and know the history. I’ve personally had dinner with the King (found him to be quite charming). I’m not the same wide-eyed and filled with nervous excitement guy I was when I first came to the shores of the Milwaukee River.

To put things more succinctly, last night I accepted the invitation of Dame Miestrâ Schivâ to join Zefençadéirs del Repúblicanismeu Talossán. Let me be clear, this is not in response to election outcomes as I fully expect to lose any seats in the 48th Cosa as a result of my change. This is about idealogy. This is about what I believe is best for Talossa and for me personally. Talossa needs a change. Talossa needs the ZRT.

Busy Fifth Clark


The 47th Cosa may be coming to a swift end with one remaining Clark next month, but that hasn’t stopped Talossan Legislators from proposing a large number of bills for the Fifth Clark.

Among those bills are two proposing changes to the way we run our General Elections. Both bills, proposed by Secretar d’Estat Marti-Pair Furxheir specifically address, among other things, the ballot itself. Perhaps the biggest change proposed is found in 47RZ19 – The Election Ballot Act, Strike 2. In this legislative proposal, Secretar’ d Estat Furxheir proposes adding a 50-word essay from each Cosa party explaining the party’s respective position on referendums.

Another big piece of the legislative puzzle this Clark are the three bills proposed by Distain Miestrâ Schivâ aimed at provincial reforms. Two of the bills, which almost missed the Clark deadline due to wording issues that made the Cantzeleria refuse to clark them, are aimed at prohibiting a Cunstaval from being the leader of another provincial government and allowing provinces to self-select their Cunstaval.

Voting has not yet concluded on the Clark. Stay tuned to ETT for updates.

Editorial: Slow Justice

Slow-JusticeA recent article in Berich’t Talossan by Maricopa Senator Munditenens Tresplet essentially implied that in recent court history, very little has happened in the judiciary and that Case 14-06 is “one of the most exciting events that have occurred in the judiciary within the last few years.” This might be true from the reporter’s perspective, but allow ETT to make a few minor adjustments to this interpretation.

In 2014, five cases were presented to the Magistracy, and of those five cases, three of them are adjourned with rulings by the assigned judges (two are still pending and one is the aforementioned case 14-06).

  • Case 14-02 in which former Avocat Xheneral Magniloqueu Épiqeu da Lhiun sued for defamation against former Deputy Minister of Immigration Béneditsch Ardpresteir;
  • Case 14-03 in which former citizen Viteu Marcianüs sued Sir Alexandreu Davinescu to get his wiki site taken down;
  • Case 14-05, for example, in which Eiric S. Bornatfiglheu was convicted and sentenced for his sock-puppet scheme.

Senator Tresplet also discussed 46RZ8, The Nolite in Ivre Pigrari Act and incorrectly stated that this act provided for Cort officials to be removed. Nowhere in the Act does it specify removal of an inactive Cort official. The Act essentially acts as a way for citizens to complain and get an investigation into judicial misconduct.

Let us set the record straight. Our judicial system is indeed broken. It is inactive. It needs to be fixed. Two proposals are currently in the Hopper that might move things along. The Judicial Merry-Go-Round Amendment proposes to expand the Cort pü Inalt so that it is the single Cort that hears both trials and appeals. The second proposal, The Judicial Unclogging Act, proposes to kick inactive judges off the bench entirely after 60 days of inactivity. Both proposals are attempts to get things going again. Will it work? It remains to be seen. Our legal system is notorious for its inaction. However, wringing our hands will solve nothing.