Seneschal pledges amendment to scrap Tuischac’h elections

Seneschal Sir Cresti SiervicĂźl has told ETT that he intends to “propose an OrgLaw amendment to put things back the way they were” with respect to the selection of the Lord Speaker of the Cosa, the Tuischac’h.

The Seneschal’s comments came as the Cosa finds itself without a presiding officer following the resignation of Miestrâ Schivâ in June. According to the Organic Law, a “conclave” of MCs to elect a new Tuischac’h is assembled either by the outgoing Tuischac’h or by the oldest MC, if the former is not available.

Prior to 2014, the Speaker was appointed by the King on the nomination of the Seneschal. Subsequently, the Cosa was granted the power to elect its own presiding officer. The new process has however been plagued with difficulties, with the first election challenged in el Cort Inalt for irregularities in its organisation. 

Sir Cresti, who opposed the abandonment of royal appointment, told ETT that “before [the reform] I would simply have advised the King to appoint a replacement. But my hands are kind of tied.” He therefore advocates a return to the historic system.

Sir Cresti has asked the current most senior MC, FreeDem acting leader Txec dal Nordselva, to proceed with the organisation of the election. However this has not yet been started at the time of writing. Dr dal Nordselvă has not replied to a request for comment. 

ModRad leader Senator LĂźc da Schir told ETT that “electing the Tuischac’h is still a good idea, even though back when the bill was passed most of us surely hoped for some more enthusiasm on the Cosa’s side when it came to actually holding such an election”.

Treasury: BHAID donation authorised in May now paid

Burgermeister of Internal Revenue Istefan PerĂžonest has announced that donations of US$192.56 to development charity GiveDirectly and 20$ to IFES, an international election monitoring organisation, have been paid.

The donations, which had been authorised by the Ziu in May of this year, were still outstanding at the time of the publication of the latest Treasury Financial Update, as reported by ETT.

It is not clear at the time of writing whether the Burgermeister is expected to act on the passage of an appropriation by the Ziu, or if he is required to receive an order from the Ministry of Finance before acting. The Burgermeister told ETT today that he made the payments based on “the formal request from the Minister of Finance for such a disbursement”.

The expenditure reduces the balance on the Treasury account to US$ 1989.81, a net increase of $87.12 on the balance in November 2015.

Royal treasury reaches $2K – report

Burgermeister of Internal Revenue Istefan PerĂžonest has published the latest official financial update. According to the report, the Kingdom has US$2201.77 in its Treasury, an increase of US$299.08 on the most recent update, in November 2016.

S:reu PerĂžonest explained the bulk of the increase by the transfer of over $250 from the Kingdom’s PayPal account. While not specified in the report, these funds would appear to be largely related to the receipt of almost $200 in TalossaAID residual funds. Other significant receipts include US$31.57 from the sale of stamps. The Kingdom earned $1.05 in interest in the period. 

The latest BHAID disbursement, an amount of $212 authorised during the Second Clark, is however still pending payment. S:reu PerĂžonest had not returned a request for comment at the time of writing. Finance Minister Sir Alexandreu Davinescu stated that he had reminded the Burgermeister of the authorisation today, following a question from ETT.

S:reu PerĂžonest is responsible for monitoring the Kingdom’s financial affairs, including making payments as authorised by the Ziu. In his comments on the report S:reu PerĂžonest apologised for the delay since the most recent update, which in principle is to be published twice a year, citing health issues.

Vuode and M-M consider federation

Leaders of the provinces of Vuode and Maritiimi-Maxhestic have affirmed their wish to push ahead with a proposal to fuse the governments of their provinces into one federated entity.

The plan as discussed earlier this year would merge the legislative organs of the two provinces, without actually fusing the two territories. This would allow each province to maintain its current Senäts representation, as each province is guaranteed one Senator under the Organic Law.

Vuode is Talossa’s oldest province and was the fief of former King Robert I. The province even briefly declared independence in 1992 as a result of a constitutional dispute. However it is also the smallest province by population and recently has had difficulty in sustaining consistent political activity. 

In contrast with the current torpor in Vuode, Maritiimi-Maxhestic, which has twice the population, has a consistently functioning legislative assembly and Senäts elections that closely contested. Sitting Senator Epic da Lhiun narrowly defeated RUMP leader Sir Alexandreu Davinescu in the most recent election in 2016.

Provincial mergers are not unknown in Talossa, and indeed Maritiimi-Maxhestic is the product of an earlier provincial merger, with Maritiimi absorbing Port Maxhestic. However in that case the provinces completely amalgamated, fusing territorially as well as administratively, and no inter-provincial federation of this kind has been attempted before in the Kingdom.

The proposal has been broadly welcomed by the leading citizens of the provinces concerned. It did however suffer sustained criticism by Üc Tärfâ. S:reu Tarfa criticised the ambiguous nature of the union arguing that it should instead be a straightforward merger.He also objected to the understanding behind the proposal that provinces are sufficiently autonomous Organically to engage in this type of compact. This was denied by supporters of the plan, who insist that a shated administration woyld not alter the unique character of each province.

Choosing a name in el ghleĂž

A frequent question posed by immigrants to the Kingdom is how to translate their “mundane” names into the national language, el ghleĂž. Adopting a Talossan name is not required but is often a fun way for new citizens to begin their integration into the country.

On Wittenberg prospective citizens can find an extensive list of personal names in Talossan, as well as numerous tips and practical examples, in the Talossan Names sub-forum. Any citizen can request official help from Ladintschen in choosing their Talossan identity.

Owing to the respect for privacy which is an important value of the Talossan community, the sub-forum is restricted to registered users of Wittenberg. New and prospective citizens can also consult the Ministry of the Interior for more information.

TSF&WS recommends the latest in sci-fi and fantasy

The Talossan Science Fiction and Whiskey Society is a long-established, if frequently dormant, association of Talossan afficiandos of both science fiction and fantasy literature as well as the sampling of fine spirits (though not necessarily both). 

As the long time spiritual head of the TSFWS Senator IĂĄn Anglatzarâ has been highlighting the best of recent science fiction and fantasy works. The Senator is prominent in science fiction and fantasy fan circles in Scandanavia.

Senator Anglatzara’s latest recommendation is The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis, a graphic novel with a surprising premise: set in a world where children make parents, rather than vice versa. The Senator describes it as “surrealist, science-fantasyish. Brilliant”.

When asked by ETT if members if the Society had to appreciate both sci-fi and whiskey,  Senator Anglatzarâ stated that “if you’re only a fan of whiskey, that’s no problem”. However, where one doesn’t drink whiskey but likes sci-fi “we might have to have a vote on that”. 

King and Seneschal meet in “low-key” gathering

Seneschal Sir Cresti SiervicĂźl has revealed that he recently participated in a “low key TalossaWest gathering” in Colorado, USA.

Taking advantage of a family visit to the American West in June Sir Cresti arranged to meet with the King and other Talossans resident in Colorado. In the event HM King John, Baron Hooligan and Sir Trotxa BetiùÊir were able to join the Seneschal for a Lebanese meal, followed by some beverages at a local microbrewery. 

A planned ceremony for the administration of the Seneschal’s oath did not in the end occur, but Sir Cresti stated that it was otherwise an enjoyable social occasion and that he hoped it could be repeated on his next visit.

August Clark: Summertime Blues?

Following the recess declared by Seneschal Sir Cresti SiervicĂźl in July, the Ziu returns to business for the August Clark.

The Seneschal stated in his declaration of the recess that following the surprise resignation of Miestrâ Schivâ as Tuischac’h of the Cosa and FreeDem leader he judged it prudent to suspend legislative business. The paucity of pending legislation in the Hopper also argued for a pause, as a number of key political personnel were either on vacation or otherwise engaged.

The first and for the moment only proposal to be submitted following Secretary of State Marti-Pair Furxheir’s call for bills is for the approval by the Ziu of the nomination of Jeremy L. Davis as Civil Service Commissioner.

As noted by Sir Cresti, the vacant post of Tuischac’h will also have to be filled. More than this, the hard hitting and charismatic style of Miestrâ Schivâ will be absent from the Ziu for the first time in many years, following her decision to withdraw from public activity until at least September.

The FreeDem leadership is likely to be vacant until the Autumn. While a leadership void in the opposition will undoubtedly make for a more relaxed government, it bodes poorly for a recovery in the pulse of political activity, especially as we enter the penultimate Clark of the term.

The government can point to a steady trickle of citizenship applications even during the summer doldrums, and to the encouraging reception of initiatives such as the ID card project and the successful completion of the Census. However, with the clock now ticking on the 49th Cosa, the coalition will need to seize every opportunity to provide a “social stimus” to the Talossan community.

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